June 16, 2024
Hand Sanitizer

Five Facts about Hand Sanitizer You May Not Know

More now than ever, the world is giving hand sanitizers the importance they require. Every responsible health organization, including the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and WHO, expects us to be sensitive and accountable in staying safe.

When soap and water are not available for cleaning your hands, the institutions suggest that we use sanitizers. They also recommend that the right kind of hand sanitizer to use should be one with at least 60% alcohol. It protects you and your loved ones from being exposed to harmful germs and viruses.

It effectively cleanses your hands from most of the germs. Some of the times that you must consider using the hand sanitizer include:

  • After you use the restroom
  • Before you shake hands with other people
  • Anytime you feel your hand is a little unclean
  • After you touch any surfaces, such as doorknobs, money, gates, newspapers, etc.

That said, there are many things that you must keep in mind while picking the right kind of hand sanitizer. Let us look at them.

Facts About Hand Sanitizers that You Should Know Before Buying One

Whether you choose to buy hand sanitizer online or offline, you should learn some facts about hand sanitizers. Also, one should select a sanitizer as an option instead of disinfectant sprays or cleaning wipes. Sprays and wipes can provide a helping hand but are not as effective as hand sanitizer.

Here are some facts about hand sanitizers that you may not have known:

1. Hand Sanitizers Kill 99.9% Germs.

Many microorganisms are part of the universe. And not all germs can be killed by a sanitizer. However, if it is a good sanitizer, it typically does an excellent job of killing 99.9% of the common germs. It enables you to reduce your risk of having common sickness.

It is also essential to remember that sanitizers cannot also remove visible dirt or grease. That said, it does effectively make sure that you are safer when used correctly. Many studies are going on to make sanitizers more effective.

2. Alcohol-based Sanitizers are Best.

Many studies suggest that the best type of hand sanitizer has 60-95% alcohol. The CDC in the US also has the same recommendation. Alcohol-based sanitizers tend to be more effective at killing most germs. The non-alcohol-based counterparts may not have adequate levels of efficiency.

Also, products that have less than 60% alcohol do not work very well with microbes. Given that many common infections spread through the hand, it is crucial to have the best sanitizers and have them accessible at all times. It can effectively reduce the chances of catching a cold, the common flu, viruses, and more.

3. It Hydrates and Moisturizes Your Skin.

Sanitizers do not dry out your skin, unlike soaps and water. Hand sanitizers tend to be more effective on your skin and help them stay moisturized. Most effective hand sanitizers have emollients, which help to soften the skin and moisturize it.

Hand sanitizers are particularly effective in reducing dryness and irritation caused by certain soaps. Also, it is helpful for people who have to sanitize constantly, especially in the healthcare sector. It protects them from diseases along with ensuring their skin does not experience damage.

4. It has a Proper Usage Technique.

As much as you may have a good sanitizer, how you use it also matters. CDC recommends the proper usage.

When you use your hand sanitizer, you must remember to take time to rub it all over your hands for about 20 seconds. You must spread the sanitizer all over your hand and focus on areas such as fingertips, between fingers, and more. It would help if you kept rubbing it till your hands go dry.

If your hands feel dry sooner, then the chances are that you have not taken enough of the sanitizer to begin with, according to the WHO.

5. You Cannot Make It at Home.

This age of the internet opens up ways for you to learn how to make hand sanitizers at home. But you must be careful on two fronts. First, it may not be effective; and second, it may not be safe. With most people suggesting recipes to create them at home, experts disapprove of it.

Also, commercial hand sanitizers undergo tests and certification processes before being supplied to the market. Any minor issue with the sanitizer can cause damage to the skin. Additionally, accidental consumption of the hand sanitizer concoction can cause a lot of damage to the body. So, investing in an FDA-approved hand sanitizer is a great idea.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your hand sanitized is a crucial step you need to take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs. Not maintaining hand hygiene is one of the top reasons for spreading diseases.

Unfortunately, not all hand sanitizers can provide lasting protection, and hence you often need to apply them repeatedly. However, Just Human Hand Sanitizer is different; it protects you for 24 hours post a single application. Unlike other conventional hand sanitizers, the Just Human Hand Sanitizer layer remains active for a longer period even after it dries out. It does not even lose its efficacy when you wash your hands for 24 hours.

Just Human Hand Sanitizer has a unique formula that is tried and tested in GLP-certified labs and is proven effective in continuously killing bacteria for 24 hours. It is an FDA-approved formula made using 70% Ethanol and a proprietary smart molecule that gives your hands a bionic shield (non-toxic).

Also, the de-ionized and moisturizing elements keep your hands soft and hydrated. Moreover, the buy hand sanitizer online option is easily accessible from Just Human website. So, what are you waiting for? Order your shield of protection – Just Human Hand Sanitizer!

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