June 19, 2024
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Why Are My TikTok Videos Not Being Watched?

There are two questions we need to ask someone who says why my TikTok videos are not watched.

Is it the problem that the number of views drops significantly or the number of video views is 0?

If the number of video views is 0, there is a possibility that your video has been blocked or is under review. But if your videos are watched less than before, your videos will not be able to be discovered rather than blocked.

Tiktok’s algorithm analyzes the views of your previous videos and does not reveal the next videos of people who publish videos with low viewing performance. If the number of users who follow you is low, naturally your new videos will not be watched. So you have to Buy TikTok Followers for your profile to grow more faster and getting reach instantly.

You’re new to TikTok, you’ve shot a few videos but haven’t had any views yet?

If you are a new member of TikTok, your videos may not be watched for a certain period of time, this is normal.

TikTok will initially review your account and if it sees no problems, it will ensure that your videos are watched. If you have not done any fraudulent transactions on TikTok before, if the video you shared belongs to you and it complies with the general moral rules, your views will increase after a while.

After you become a member of TikTok, do not directly share a video and expect the number of views of this video to increase.

Instead, increase the activity and popularity of your profile first. Watch some videos, like some of them too. Make sure to be active. Then share your videos and wait.

If your first video is not stolen, political, abusive or immoral, it will get more or less views after a certain period of time.

Are your previously shared videos being watched, and your new videos not being watched?

There is probably something wrong with this case. At least one of your videos has been reported, or in general, some of your actions have been perceived as bad content by TikTok management. You need to figure out what this is. Sometimes what seems normal to someone may not actually be normal at all. That’s why you need an impartial assessment of your recent actions and find your fault.

This error may not be a mistake for you, the important thing is whether it is problematic according to the TikTok community guidelines.

Common misbehavior:

1. Sharing someone else’s video as your own,

2. Adding videos containing inappropriate (violent, sexual, profanity, etc.) content to your profile.

3. Using political or personally insulting statements

If your content has been reviewed by TikTok, your views will not come.

How can you find out that your videos have been reviewed?

Click on the content you shared and then click on the three dots at the top. Check if your link has been copied.

If your link has been copied, your video has not been reviewed. If you can’t copy the link to your video, it means it’s under review and won’t get views in the process.

There are three other reasons why the number of video views is 0.

1. If your old account was closed because of what you did before and you opened a new account from the same device again, TikTok will interfere with it. And your videos will be stopped from watching

2. You act inconsistently with TikTok’s rules. For example, you shot more than one video and uploaded these videos one after the other. It gets stuck on the review because it is not considered normal to shoot 4-5 videos in a short time, or if you follow someone above the normal limit or send too many messages to someone, TikTok will review you and in this case, your video viewing will be suspended.

3. There is a possibility that you have also restricted your video views.

After entering your TikTok video, press the three dots.

Check the Privacy Settings on the page that appears.

On your Privacy Settings page, you will see who can view your video. Your video must be in Public.

How the content shared on TikTok will be shown to which audience is determined by the amount of interaction of the previously shared videos.

For this, you should definitely take care of your first 5 videos you share. Since these will be your first videos, they are seen as a “welcome gift” and allow them to reach many users. If you have not been able to increase the number of views and interactions by taking advantage of this advantage of TikTok, your other videos will not be watched enough and will not take their place in the discovery. Naturally, your views will be low.

If you are managing a business and don’t have a reputable fan base then you must have to use BuyFollowersMalaysia to grow more faster and reach more impressions and engagements.

What can you do to prevent your content from getting many views?

Quality content is the favorite of all platforms. The high quality of the content you share is an indication that you are a good user for TikTok. This quality is directly proportional to your viewing rates. TikTok decides this based on some statistics. It will be to your advantage not to share any problematic content. Also, the best way to get views is through views from discovery. Makes you stand out in TikTok analytics.

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