June 18, 2024

Forklifts and Its Types


Forklifts are one of the most powerful construction machines available. Forklifts can securely carry goods that humans cannot, making them important on every job site, whether you need to transport huge cargo in a warehouse or the construction field.

It might be tough to choose a forklift because there are so many different kinds and models. Whether you’re seeking to rent or buy a forklift for your next project, this guide will walk you through the many sorts of forklifts, the benefits of each piece of equipment, and common forklift models so you can find the appropriate one for your needs. Also, when working with any type of heavy machinery, you have to ensure they are working at their optimum level and this requires proper maintenance as well as replacement parts like Thermo King Water Pump.

Type of forklifts

  • Reach Forklift Trucks for Industrial Use
  • Forklifts for Rough Terrain
  • Forklifts with Telescopic Handlers
  • Forklifts with a counterbalanced load
  • Forklifts with Industrial Side Loaders
  • Pallet trucks that can be operated by pedestrians

Reach Forklift Trucks for Industrial Use

The higher lift height of industrial reach forklift trucks makes them excellent for any warehousing environment with high-rise storage pallet racking. There are several types of reach forklift trucks, each of which is ideally suited to a certain scenario:

The most frequent type of truck is the stand-up truck, which is utilized when there is just one load per bay. The front of the truck’s two forks slides underneath palletized items to safely lift and transport them.

Double-deep trucks are similar to single-deep trucks but with longer forks. Because they can reach the back, they are suitable for circumstances where multiple pallet loads are stored in each bay. Straddle trucks have lengthy forks that glide under the load, as well as the capacity to grab the cargo’s edges for added stability and accessibility.

Forklifts for Rough Terrain

A rough terrain forklift is suited for outdoor work and challenging terrain. It has thicker threaded inflatable tires that allow for more stability on rough terrain, as well as a more powerful motor that allows for higher speeds and improved maneuverability, making it more robust and durable.

This means they’re ideal for transporting large loads through rough terrain, with some models capable of carrying up to 3 tonnes each load. Overbalancing has been avoided thanks to the properly calibrated counterweight at the back of the vehicle.

Forklifts with Telescopic Handlers

Telescopic handling forklifts are suited for high-lifting applications in agricultural and other industries. They have a variety of capabilities that make them far more helpful in a variety of scenarios, to the point where they are sometimes mistaken for small cranes rather than forklift trucks.

Telescopic handlers also feature a single telescopic boom, allowing the truck to become a considerably more powerful and versatile piece of equipment. A raised table, bucket, pallet fork, and muck grabber are just a few of the useful attachments offered.

The telehandler can accomplish work at heights that standard forklifts can’t reach thanks to these attachments and the flexibility to enhance lifting capabilities with front outriggers. Telescopic handles have generally replaced masted rough terrain forklifts on construction sites and in agriculture.

Forklifts with a counterbalanced load

Although they can be utilized outdoors on stable, even surfaces, industrial counterbalance forklifts are the most popular trucks used in indoor warehouses and stores. They are simple to use, with dual forks at the front of the truck that lifts and conveys the goods.

There are a variety of options, including three-wheel ones that offer more maneuverability and are ideal for narrow aisles.

Forklifts with Industrial Side Loaders

Forklift trucks with side loaders are perfect for operating in narrow aisles. Because the forks are situated on the side of the vehicle, they can take up large or lengthy cargo that a straight front forklift would find awkward or unavailable.

The enclosed cab, which is most usually used outdoors, and the stand-up variant, which is better suited to inside operations, are the two primary types of side loader forklifts. A multi-way version is also available, in which all of the wheels rotate by 90 degrees, allowing for easy transportation in any direction. As a result, they’re particularly useful for safely lifting and carrying tubes, pipes, and sheet materials. Because of their ability to haul long, heavy loads in small aisles, side loaders are also particularly popular in the lumber industry.

Pallet trucks that can be operated by pedestrians

For the convenient transfer of pallets, pedestrian-operated lift trucks and pallet trucks are most typically employed in warehouses and storage facilities. For simple maneuverability, all pedestrian-operated trucks have forks that slide beneath the pallet and employ a hydraulic jack to lift the cargo off the ground.

There are many different models and designs available, some of which can move loads of up to 5000 pounds, but the major distinction is between lift and pallet trucks.

Also straddle carriers can carry and lift a palletized item to a higher level, as well as stack loads on top of each other.

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