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Get your house ready for Spring

In Australia, spring is just around the corner, the season where vibrant is the main theme but have you checked the condition of your house and surrounding lately? Possibly, it’s in a messy condition due to the lesser activities commenced during the pandemic. Now, it’s the perfect time to get your house ready for Spring by doing a thorough clean-up. Here are some house clean-up tips that you can follow.

  1. Assess the area

Take your time to evaluate each area of the house from the outside to the inside and each room. Make a list of which area that needs serious attention due to the amount of rubbish accumulated. This can act as guidance on where to start the clean-up process.

  1. Prepare a clean-up schedule

Even though you have been eager to do a clean-up but rushing won’t get you anywhere, especially during the Pandemic when your outside activities are limited. Depending on the amount of waste, you can break it down into two clean-up sessions; external and internal sessions; which can be done on two different days like Saturday and Sunday.

  1. Prepare the gear

You can always do a clean-up with just barehand but it would be more efficient to use some of the clean-up appliances to help you with the chores. Here’s the gear list you should prepare:

  • Broom
  • Water bucket
  • Mop
  • Soap/cleaning solution
  • Skip bin
  • Dry microfiber cloths
  • Vacuum cleaner/leaf blower (optional)
  • Rake
  • Garden shears/pruner
  1. Start with the internal area

Now you are ready to do some cleaning inside the house, here is the sequence you should follow:

– Remove all unused items

This should be the priority because it will make your clean-up session easier. Unused appliances like cardboard boxes, old/broken furniture or festive decorations should be put inside a skip bin. You can always hire a skip bin from a reputable provider in Perth.

– Broom all the way

With the inside a bit emptier, sweeping the floor to reach any nooks and crannies will become so much easier. Start from the living room that has the biggest space then continue all the way to the kitchen area. Next, reach out to each room and sweep them clean. Don’t forget to centralized all of the debris in one spot such as the kitchen, so that it will be easier to put in a skip bin.

– Clean the windows

The windows main functionality is for the air ventilation system which makes them vulnerable to be dirtied by debris from outside and inside. Therefore, do thorough cleaning for every window in the house, you can also use a mixture of water and soap to mop them.

– Mop the floor

It may look cleaner now after a thorough sweeping but that doesn’t mean it hygiene enough. This is where mopping will help. Start mixing the soap or a specific solution with water in the bucket and mop each room thoroughly. Leave the room to completely dry for a moment then you can start with the next step.

– Rearrange the furniture

While doing the clean-up, why not take this chance to rearrange the furniture layout for a new look to welcome the new season? Look for a new theme layout that suits your style, for example, the open space layout has become widely popular these days.

  1. Continue to clean the external area

Once you have settled and feels satisfied with the clean-up result of the internal area, now it’s time to do the same for the external area. The external area including a backyard, front yard, garage and sometimes a garden. Here’s the sequence that you can follow:

– Start with the backyard

The backyard has always been the most vulnerable area to become a mess. Mostly, you can find green waste; fallen leaves, old twigs, excess soils and grass clippings; scattered around the area. Prepare the rake, shears and skip bins to help you clean the mess. Start by cutting all of the tall grasses, then continue raking the green waste and put it into a skip bin.

– Check the Patio condition

Most Australian homeowners installed a Patio in the backyard. The patio is also installed with certain furniture that needs extra attention to clean due to the fact that they have been spending most of the time outside and vulnerable to weather-related damage. Therefore, don’t forget to clean the patio area and reach for a professional to help you repair the damaged furniture.

– Refresh the garden

A new season means a new seasonal-themed garden which probably there are plenty of plants that has been withered. Get your pruner and start cutting the withered flowers and replant with the seasonal flower seeds such as Azaleas, Lavender, Mandevilleas and many more, which will bring a bright and colourful atmosphere to the garden. Don’t forget to put all of the gardening waste into the skip bin.

– Organize the shed

If you have a garden in the backyard chances that you also have a shed. The shed act as the place to store all of your gardening tools which sometimes can be a bit messy and dirty if not used for a long time. This is the perfect time to organize them and throw away any rubbish which can be put inside a skip bin.

– Garage clean-up

For Australians, a garage is a multifunctional place where you can securely store the car also old and unused appliances such as tables and chairs. This situation will often leave the garage in a messy and cramped condition. Take out all of the unused appliances, you can always donate them or put them in a skip bin to be delivered to the local recycling centre because mostly, household appliances are made of recyclable materials.

– Front yard touch-up

The front yard holds an essential element for the house’s image so treat it well. Start by fixing all of the broken pavement, then clean all of the piling rubbish and put them inside a skip bin. If you have a mini garden in the front yard, it’s time to do a makeover, replant the flowers to match the seasonal theme, similar to the one in the backyard.

Once the clean-up sessions are finished you are ready to welcome the new season with a smile and satisfied feeling because all of the hard works have been paid off with a great result. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.

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