June 20, 2024

How Australia Sponsor Visa Works?

How Australia Sponsor Visa Works

Most People who are finishing their studies in Australia are looking for a visa that allows them to stay and work in the country. One of the alternatives to stay in the country was the sponsor visa 457, which underwent some changes.

The TSS Visa:

One of the most sought after options by South Asia in Australia to extend their stay in the country is the sponsorship visa. It is formerly called Temporary Work Skilled Visa or Temporary Visa for Qualified Professionals. Since March 2018 it is called Temporary Skill Shortage – TSS.

With this visa it is possible to stay and work full time in the country. The Australia TSS Sponsor Visa is aimed at people with good qualifications and work experience in high demand areas in Australia and belonging to the short term qualified occupations list.

The Australian sponsor visa applicant must be sponsored (sponsored) by a company that is previously licensed by the Australian Government. Therefore, the sponsor is only for non-Australian professionals or professionals who do not have a permanent visa in the country.

Interested in TSS:

Qualified companies will only be able to sponsor a foreign national if they cannot find any Australian citizen or permanent resident able to do the work in question. The employer must also advertise the vacancy for a minimum period and following immigration requirements regarding the advertisement.

Therefore, to obtain the TSS sponsor visa from Australia, the interested party must undergo a strict government framework, which makes access to this visa very difficult. However, nothing is impossible, as there are many cases of South Asia who achieved it.

All applicants must demonstrate a minimum of 2 years of full-time work in a position similar to that being offered by their employer in Australia.

In addition, previous requirements such as high level of English language, labor market test continue.

Important points about TSS:

Currently, the evaluation time for a TSS sponsor visa from Australia can range from 4 to 9 months. The TSS is divided into 2 sub-categories. The Short-Term stream, which allows a stay of up to two years in the country, and the Medium-Term stream. It allows for a stay of up to four years in Australia. Those who are on a Medium and Long Term visa may apply for a renewal of their visa in Australia. They even apply for a permanent residence permit after three years of working in the country. However, holders of the Short Term visa lose the privilege of applying for permanent residence and can renew their visa only once.


Therefore, for those who are going through this TSS process or are trying to find a company interested in sponsoring, it is extremely important that they talk to a good immigration lawyer so that they can assertively assess the real chances of getting a sponsor in Australia.

How Much Does an Exchange in Australia Cost:

How much does an exchange in Australia cost is one of the most frequently asked questions on our channel. In this video we show the tutorial explaining about our product to know how much an exchange in Australia costs.

Studying abroad requires a lot of effort and financial planning. Knowing how much an exchange in Australia costs is one of the main points to be successful in your journey to the country. That’s because knowing what awaits you is essential so that you don’t get into trouble in the land of kangaroos. For Dubai Visa

With that in mind, we have created a complete spreadsheet so that you can have a realistic view of how much you will spend on an exchange in the country. In the video above you can see a small tutorial explaining a little about it, but you can also have more details in our post on the subject.

For those who would like to know superficial information on how much an exchange in Australia costs, we show below the main items that you will have to plan well:

  • Passport
  • Airline tickets
  • Course cost
  • Stay
  • food
  • Transfer
  • Documentation cost

How Much an Exchange in Australia Costs Worksheet:

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Another interesting and complementary post on this subject is The Positives of Studying English in Australia. In it you will have more details to be sure in your exchange process in the country. For more you can consult your nearest bank branch..

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