May 26, 2024
GoJek On-Demand Company App

How To Create A GoJek On-Demand Company App?

Ask how GO-JEK succeeded in achieving such a huge success on demand? Do you have the bravery to be the next large company on-demand? Let us pilots you in the on-demand sector by becoming the best.

On request, manner to go. On request.

  • So how is the on-demand economy now progressive? Hope this can help you gain insights into the same in the following statistics.
  • The $108 trillion worldwide taxi market.
  • They are on approximately 15 million journeys every day worldwide. It is anticipated that this figure will reach 97 million by 2030.
  • GO-JEK is estimated at 3 billion dollars.
  • The GO-JEK driver-partners have average full-time revenue of Rp 3.48 million per month, 1.25 times the minimum average wage in Indonesia.

Now, do you believe that your entrepreneurial life can be hopeful when requested? Believe you that you can add on-demand to the welfare of the globe? If yes, you have the right to be a member of the family on request.

Go-Jek Company App

Having GO-JEK App Technologies

Language of development As GO-JEK is one of the world’s leading on-demand suppliers. The best possible techniques have been used to ensure that everything goes as scheduled. They only use the languages Java, JRuby, Golang, Clojure, and Swift for the development purpose.

Tools and Frameworks

Besides using the coding languages, the GO-JEK used some frameworks and instruments to achieve its objective. These frames include Rail, Spring, Clojure, Kafka, and other instruments.

Hosting of Cloud

GO-JEK refuses to use any facilities other than Google Computing Engine. It enables to enhance the scalability of the app concerning the number of customers.

Tracking of analytics

GO-JEK has incorporated several platforms, such as the mixing board, Yahoo analytics, and Google Analytics, to make sense of the information that they collect.

Support and Marketing

MailChimp, Mailgun, and Mandrill are being used to facilitate attempts to encourage and enhance GO-JEK operational efficiency. For customer support, Zendesk is also used.

GO-JEK — Spotlight for the product

O-JEK app handles a variety of services from the fuel supply to commuting. The primary products engaged in GO-JEK are listed here. Looking at these applications helps in the thorough GO-JEK research, such as the growth of applications.

The fourth e-wallet service in Indonesia has lately been GO-PAY. In reality, 30% of the total e-money transactions in Indonesia have been contributed in 2017. With such a progressing pace, GO-PAY will soon surpass his biggest rivalries such as Bank Mandiri’s e-Money, Bank Central Asia’s Flazz, and state-owned telecom firm Telkomsel’s T-Cash uber clone app

The first motorcycle taxi service in the country is the GO-RIDE. They were able to accomplish over 1,000,000 fleets in 2018 alone.

GO-CAR is the uber-like service of GO-JEK, whose objective is to meet mass travel requirements.

GO-FOOD is the instant food supply service of GO-JEK. As of today, Indonesia has more than 250,000 traders.

GO-MART — This indicates that clients can use app-based grocery shopping services to easily shop their food.

GO-SHOP — It’s much like GO-MART because it enables consumers to shop for products that are not included in GO-MART.

GO-SEND is a courier service on-demand to send papers and other articles within a single shipment that have no range limitation.

GO MASSAGE — Users can arrange meetings with specialized massages on-demand and receive the therapy they are seeking.

GO-MED — There are problems with access to medicine in all of us despite the nation you live in. This is largely resolved by the GO-MED, which provides medications to the needy within a lengthy period.

Go-CLEAN is GO-JEK ‘S home cleaning on-demand facilities including cleaning/mopping/ vacuuming, cleaning of bathrooms, ironing clothes and even cleaning of ovens.

GO-TIX — An app-based ticket-selling service which enables customers to make the hassle-free booking of tickets.

GO-AUTO — This enables customers to make use of maintenance services like washing cars and repairing emergencies, etc.

GO-PERTAMINA — Go-Jek has started a fuel delivery service known as Go – Pertamina to supply gas to customers from Pertamina’s closest gas station in collaboration with Pertamina.

GO-JEK — Major policies and approaches ;

GO-JEK’s huge success does not just concern its technologies, but also its successful strategies and methods. See what those are. See what these are.

  • The greatest achievement is self-reflection. GO-JEK took a step back and passed what they had in their app before. Additionally, the transportation products and the home screen have been fixed and redesigned.
  • The defined brand voice in the manner they speak with clients and integrated colloquialism and empathy.
  • The large topic was defined and distinguished from its rivals.
  • To make the messages more memorable and assist individuals to relate better, write the narrative for each monitor.
  • GO-JEK collected stories in collaboration with an illustrator named Fauzy Lukman by capturing scenes, perspectives, wits and anything that Indonesians might have to do with. It was also displayed on your app.
  • Used machine to match drivers and riders. Experienced with various models including gradient-enhancing decision-making and neural networking.
  • To recognize common pick-up points clusters, an algorithm has been created.

To get a ready-made solution — Take GO-JEK Right Away for a more efficient app

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