June 17, 2024
How To Hire Java Developer in India

How To Hire Java Developer in India

If you are an emerging company that is looking to hire java developers for your different project needs, then you can refer to this article. To start with you need to set the scope and need for hiring java developers for your project and company. Check the vertical that you are going to mostly hire for. This would be the first and best thing that you can do to get started with hiring the best java developers for your company. Here we have listed down some tried and tested things that will help you get closer to hiring java developer for your project or company.

Understand, that every java developer may not provide the same service:

Java is a universally accepted programming language and has been around for more than 2 decades. There have been fewer languages adopted by programmers and developers that have been as popular and as widespread as java has. So if you just advertise an opening that your company has for a particular project, you may get a lot of resumes and not all may perfectly fit into your bill because the java language is only just a package. Multiple frameworks and tools are developed that sit on this particular language that is able to develop and deliver powerful applications providing efficiency and scalability.

There have been multiple versions of java and each suiting to a particular requirement or need. If you are working on a layered project that requires multiple APIs, databases, and business layers then you should specify the exact version your requirement needs. For example Java Enterprise edition or Standard edition.

Conduct an Online test for hiring java Developers:

To ascertain and check potential java candidates that perfectly fit your requirements, you should consider conducting online tests for the assessment of candidates. You can also consider performing a live coding round to check the level of basics and knowledge your potential java candidates have. The online test will help you judge an insight to the level of expertise your potential java developer has. You can also get to judge the proficiency level along with developing coding skills and problem-solving skills that your candidate.

Live coding is going to be a way out for you but it also requires you to dedicate some time to set it up. But this is the best way and sure shot way for you to deeply assess the potential skills your candidates have. The candidates will be required to answer complex technical questions and demonstrate the complex problem and programming skills. By doing this you will understand how the java developer approaches the problem and their overall ideology.

Planning your interview:

This is one of those crucial moments that help you frame the interview approach and ideology. Because the market is flooded with java developers and programmers all having a different level of expertise, you should note that just because their resumes use the word java does not make them an expert professionals. You need to create a plan that works with your specific requirements and helps you economically and feasible check what qualities you need in your java developers or programmers.

  • Sit down with your recruitment team and chalk out a hiring plan.
  • Decide the number of hiring round you need.
  • Keep your project goals in mind, and the questions you should ask developers.
  • Remember solving your end gold and the business problem should be your target.

Skill level evaluation:

There are going to be various methods and tested ways using which you can identify and potentially locate a good java developer. If you think what you are looking for, the candidate might just be in a position to surprise you. Typically you should look for different kinds of certification programmers that the developers have passed. Doing this can help you build and instil a level of trust and confidence that your potential candidate knows something about java. But in the end, it all depends on the level of expertise that the candidate demonstrates in the interview which will be the final judging point for you to hire java developers. Typically you should have a potential questionnaire that your candidates will answer for you.

If you can get to check the past projects that your candidates have worked then it can be delightful for you. Always be on the lookout for checking and asking about your candidate’s potential project that he or she has undertaken. This provides you with a scenario where the candidate was able to demonstrate his experience and expertise to a level that you can hire the candidate for your java project.

Hire team players:

Developing and creating an application is not going to be a one-time job or a one-person job. To ensure your potential candidate can mix in with the team and have team player skills. This is important especially when you will have multiple members for your java development team. So this becomes an equally important point that you need to consider.

Use different java frameworks:

Java candidates that you hire must be well versed with different java frameworks and their working principles. So your candidate must have a working knowledge of how to use these particular frameworks in their java development projects. A java developer who is experienced in one particular framework may not know how to use the other so you should also have a lookout for that.


Hiring an apt java developer for your project can be a difficult task. Especially if you don’t know where to start. So this checklist will help you zero in on what things you need to do in order to find and hire a potential java developer. You should also not miss the chance to ask technical interview questions and see how the candidate reacts when put in a potential business situation. The ideal candidate may also have the zeal to learn and grow that helps the company or your startup prosper along with him. Hire java developer to help you get the best out of your java project.

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