June 19, 2024

How to Land A Teaching Job in Paris?

Audrey Hepburn is famous for making the statement “Paris is always a good idea.” Deciding that you want to teach English in this French capital city may well be the best idea that you ever come up with. Finding yourself at the heart of one of the great cultural and artistic centers in the world will give you the feel of being both a student and a teacher – like other ESL teachers you will be teaching English to the local students while in your free time you can go around learning more about the romance, food, and culture that are all so distinct to France and Paris.

This place is rightly referred to as the city of love and light and don’t be surprised if she leaves you utterly seduced. A distinctly Parisian ambience is the first thing you notice as you stroll down by the Seine or sip wine outside a corner café, making you completely absorbed in the charm of la vie Parisienne.

Finding teaching opportunities in Paris

Many people dream of a teaching job in Paris but one who is looking for a job as an English teacher is likely to get their faster for this is the most prevalent placement process conducted in the city. The high demand for ESL teachers makes a job in this area easier to find as well. More number of parents are learning the importance of educating their wards in English as they push them into it from a younger age.

Language school gigs and private tutoring by anyone with a TEFL certificate is becoming a common profession for the younger generation. Plenty of professionals of all ages are turning towards TEFL course in Paris for augmenting their careers and keeping themselves better placed in terms of opportunities in what is an increasingly competitive job market.

One of the most common ways in which you can become an English teacher in Paris is by taking up private tutoring for a local family. In such an arrangement, you are very likely to get the opportunity to live with the family and provide the kids after-school tuition as well as care.

Such a role is largely fulfilled by those better known as au pairs though occasionally their job comes with additional responsibilities such as complete childcare.

Several of the Paris language schools also call for applications from native English speakers with TEFL certificate who are qualified and willing to teach in the city. This offers great potential as a lucrative teaching job in Paris, but a higher level of independence and language skills will be called for in order to get established in Paris with requirements such as setting up a bank account and finding a suitable place to stay in.

There is an equally high demand for private language tutors, especially among individual students. However, landing the first few clients and building up a steady stream of cash flow that is good enough to sustain yourself will be a bit of a challenge in the initial period.

What is life in Paris like for an English Teacher?

Paris has a countless number of works of art, films, and songs about it and for someone with a teaching job in Paris, it will probably not be so hard to see why. In one word, the place is simply extraordinary! The city ranks as one of the most iconic and beautiful places in the world and is home to a huge number of attractions bordering on the improbable. Many uncertainties would have crept up in your mind about accepting the offer and moving there but there is one thing that you can always be confident of – there is never a dull moment when you live and work in Paris, especially if you are a teacher!

Some tips on teaching in Paris

Make sure you pick the right school: There are several private language schools and academies in the city but, as always, not all of them are good. You will find some to be better than the others while some of them need to be avoided at all costs. It could come down to a case of trial-and-error, but it is advisable that you do some amount of research before taking your pick. In fact, if you happen to step into a few bad ones to start with, the experience may prove worthwhile.

Don’t go down the beaten track: Candidates often keep their job searches concentrated around the established academies that have the highest faculty turnover as well as the maximum number of teachers. However, spending some time looking elsewhere could prove better in terms of finding well-paid positions and establishing whether you have what it takes to become a teacher. French Universities are worth considering because of the better pay package and a much more enterprising career after a TEFL course in Paris.

How much do you have to travel?

Most people get into the profession of ESL teachers because of the amount of traveling it entails. On the flip side, many say away from getting a TEFL certificate because of this very reason. Paris and its suburbs are a huge area to be in and some of the academies may start asking you to visit the companies far and wide on teaching assignments. Moreover, you may not even be paid for your travels.

This is something you need to check at the time of the interview so that you are aware of exactly what you are getting into and there are no surprises later on.


It is attractive for many to take up a teaching job in Paris which will eventually make it easy for you to find new friends on the profession with whom you can share your ideas and have fun exploring the city. Every spare moment you have can be spent together exploring all the arrondissement that Paris has to offer.

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