June 19, 2024

How to obtain a United States visa?

The visa that a you must apply for if he wishes to travel to the United States as a non-immigrant (tourist or visitor) is the visa called B1 / B2. This permission to access the country is in principle the easiest to obtain and is valid for visits of a maximum duration of 90 days to the North American country. This visa contemplates two types of occupations:

Business visa: B1 which is not valid for long-term work but for specific procedures (valid for work meetings, legal or commercial processes such as the sale of real estate in the country, job interviews …) Maximum duration: 90 days.

Tourist visa: B2 (valid for recreational and tourist visits or specific medical treatments). Maximum duration: 90 days.

What does the tourist visa in CANADA for the United States include:

The tourist visa for the United States is valid in CANADA for 90 days, during which the beneficiary owner of the permit may travel to the United States whenever he wants as long as he never stays for more than 90 days allowed and does not breach any of the conditions of the agreement or laws of the North American country.

But what can and cannot really be done in New York if you have a B1 / B2 visa? In summary, this visa includes the following activities as allowed:

  • Vacation periods
  • Visits to family or friends
  • Attendance at business meetings
  • Participate in work events and trainings
  • Receive medical treatments
  • Do missionary work

Prohibited activities: from the foregoing it can be deduced that in no case a Indian may work or carry out any paid work in the US while in the country under the protection of this visa. This also includes students, trainees and babysitters. If you want to study or be an Au Pair in New York, you must apply for the corresponding complementary visa: J1 visa.

What does a Indian need who wants to make a stopover in the US on his way to another destination?

Any traveler who does not come from a country that is a member of the visa exemption treaty and wishes to transit through the United States on the way to another country, must apply at the consulate for a transit visa (C visa) or a tourist visa (B2). Transit visas are those granted to foreigners who must pass through the United States in order to continue their journey to another country.

Note: Travelers with a business / tourist visa (B1 / B2) for the United States are not required to apply for a transit visa.

How much does it cost to process the United States visa?

The price is $ 160 to which it will be necessary to add the cost of the request for extra documents that you want to present at the interview (this in no case is mandatory), and the cost of the transfer to the US Embassy.

In addition, in response to a very common question, there is no minimum (official) amount of money that you have to have in order to travel to the United States. You just have to show that you have sufficient solvency to spend the desired time in the country without having to resort to work or illegal activities. Here you can get the help in any kind of visa.

Steps to obtain a visa to the USA:

  • Complete Document DS-160
  • Make an appointment for the interview and pay through the appointment center website
  • Go to the CAS to present the application, give the fingerprints and a photograph
  • Go to the interview (only if required)
  • Pick up your passport and visa at the DHL office (if approved).

How to get a tourist visa for the United States:

The first thing to be clear about is that visas for the United States can only be processed directly at the American Embassy in each country or in a place authorized for it by said Embassy.
Documents required to apply for a tourist visa for the United States:

  • Bio metric passport
  • A current photo
  • Make the payment of $ 160

What is the interview to obtain the US visa?

(This interview is not always necessary, applicants who do not show doubts regarding the intention of their trip could be exempted from this procedure)

In the interview, the applicant must demonstrate that he has sufficient ties in the country to guarantee his return to it after the vacation period. Although there are no mandatory documents to present in this process, the applicant may bring anything that demonstrates their roots in the country. As an example, some of the things that are considered positive when granting the visa are solid family ties, the possession of real estate in the country, having a job or a current enrollment in an educational institution …

Tip: always arrive at least 15 minutes early and be honest. If caught lying, the applicant may be permanently barred from obtaining visas.

Extra documents for the US visa application interview:

The applicant may bring to this interview any document that they consider helpful to demonstrate their willingness to return to your country after the vacation period and that may help the official to understand their personal situation. Here is a list of the papers that can help in the interview, these papers are not mandatory and will be reviewed or not depending on the will of the interviewer. They are just one example.

  • Passports containing previous American visas, even if they have expired
  • Birth certificate (original or certified copy)
  • Voting card if you are over 18 years old
  • Documents that confirm financial solvency (account statements, tax ID, tax documents …)
  • Proof of active enrollment in educational institutions and completed studies (receipt of enrollment, university diplomas, professional license)
  • Proof of employment (payroll receipts, company credential, letter from the Human Resources department …)
  • Evidence of the applicant’s family ties
  • Proof of possession of real estate and other objects (houses in possession, cars …)

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