June 19, 2024

How to start hiking? Equipment Guide

Do you want to start hiking, but you do not know which equipment to choose? Don’t panic, this guide is for you! To begin with, you will not need state-of-the-art equipment but equipment that is comfortable and suitable for your first hikes. Here is an overview of the essentials in which you will need to invest

Which hiking shoes to choose?

As a beginner, you can choose between two types of hiking boots. The low-stem models are flexible and lightweight, ideal for beginner walkers. These shoes are also waterproof, protective and comfortable.

Indispensable qualities to have fun hiking! When considering longer hikes on steep trails, then shoes with a high upper will be more suitable to support and protect your ankles.

In any case, do not hesitate to ask your salesperson for advice, who can direct you to the models best suited to your practice. We advise you to choose resistant shoes and to choose a size above your usual size.

Shoes are the most important part of your hiking equipment, so don’t be stingy with the price. If it helps, buy a pair when it is on sale or use promos codes such as millets discount code.

What clothes are essential to start the hike?

To start the hike, adopt light and airy clothes to let your skin breathe and let your perspiration escape.

For the bottom, pants or shorts, it will be a matter of taste and climate. However, if you plan to hike in tall grass, opt for clothing that covers you to avoid tick bites.

For the top, remember to provide ventilated multi-layered clothing. Do not forget the accessories associated with your outfit: covering hat for the sun (some models are equipped to also cover your neck, to protect against the sunshine), goggles to protect your eyes, hats and gloves for hikes in inter- season.

What size backpack to choose for beginners?

To start, three main characteristics must be taken into account: the storage volume you will need, the weight of the bag and the comfort of carrying.

The volume of adventure bags is expressed in litres. To start and do day hikes, a 35-liter bag will be sufficient. Subsequently, if you wish to embark on journeys of several days, you can opt for bags of 45 to 80 litres which will allow you to carry your equipment.

The weight of the bag will also be an important criterion for a beginner. For this, we advise you to test the backpacks that interest you in store, their weight can vary from 500g to almost 2kg.

The comfort of the bag will depend among other things on the carrying system, more or less sophisticated. Also identify in-store ventilation and moisture evacuation systems (via perforated materials). If you tend to sweat, this will be an important criterion.

When you test bags, finally remember to look at the height adjustment of the shoulder straps which allow the backpack to be adjusted to the body to distribute the weight well.

How to stay dry while hiking?

To avoid getting soaked in sweat, consider the rule of multi-layered clothing. Indeed, three effective layers of clothing will be enough to make your hike more pleasant. It is a method adopted by many hikers which allows them to dress optimally by adapting to all weather conditions.

The first layer is the one we have in contact with the skin. It aims to keep the skin dry in order to avoid the feeling of cold. So, avoid a cotton base layer, but prefer materials that have low moisture absorption and wick perspiration quickly.

The second layer will aim to insulate, that is to say to retain the heat of your body as much as possible. It is better to use clothes with synthetic fibres (fleece for example) or with down (some down jackets).

The third layer is the one that is in contact with the outside. Its purpose is to protect from the wind and humidity while wicking away perspiration. So, avoid traditional windbreakers and prefer waterproof-breathable membranes.

Are trekking poles necessary?

Like any accessory, a walking stick is not essential when hiking. But strongly recommended! As a beginner, one or two walking sticks will first reduce the impact of walking and the loads on your joints.

They will also strengthen your stability and therefore reduce the risk of falls! If the height of the poles is adjusted correctly, they will also help improve your walking posture. These sticks will therefore allow you to preserve your body in the long term!

You can find walking sticks at stores such as Millets who specialize in camping and hiking equipment of all kinds. Best of all, you can get a good price if you use millets discount code. And it’s not just trekking poles, you can get all kinds of good camping equipment from such stores.

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