How to Unblock RARBG – A Torrent Website

If you live in a country where a ban is imposed on torrent websites, then this article will step by step guide you to learn how to unblock RARBG from any country you stays right now. RARBG is a Bulgarian torrent indexer which is very popular among the torrent users. It is launched in 2008, and after that, this torrent site achieves the huge popularity among millions of users. However, this torrent website is banned in the countries like UK, Denmark, United States, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, and some other nations. So let’s talk about how to unblock this torrent website and enjoy the millions of content indexing on this site.

Unblock RARBG

Use a VPN to Unblock RARBG

Among all the ways of accessing a blocked torrent website, using a VPN is the best way to unblock a torrent website. A VPN masks your IP address and encrypts your network so that you can browse RARBG site easily. There are lots of VPN service providers online, who are providing an excellent service. These VPNs offers lots of torrent friendly regions like (Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, and Spain), Provide you the internet kill switch, Zero activity log policy, WebRTC, and DNS leak security, and protect encryption tunneling protocols. With the help of these services, a user can access RARBG anonymously from any locations.

Visit a Replica Site to Unblock RARBG

Replica site means nothing but a mirror of the original site which is blocked in that region. The developers are often doing this to reduce the load of their servers. They copy the files including the database to a separate server which provide the same files with reduced traffic than the original site. Also, the local government might block the original site. So, a clone of the original site with a different domain name can be a solution to access the features of the main website.

Utilize Proxy to Unblock RARBG

RARBG proxy is another way to unblock this torrent website. A proxy server sits between your computer and host servers. It’s an alternative way and does not need any kind of software to access the blocked website. However, it’s not the most preferred option, but the simplicity of this method makes it the ideal choice among RARBG pirates. You can utilize the proxy service like “Unblocksitos” to access RARBG torrent site. But this method can lead you to the copyright infringement notices. In that case, use a secure VPN before browsing these proxy sites.

EXTRA! How to Download Movies from RARBG Torrent

After following these tips, now you are ready to download the latest movies and TV shows from RARBG anonymously and safely. Do you want to know how to download movies and TV shows from RARBG? Here you go:

  1. Install a safe and secure VPN on your device.
  2. Go to the server’s list and choose a server, from where you can access the torrent website.
  3. Wait until the server is connected.
  4. Once your VPN is connected successfully, visit the original and official RARBG website and enjoy millions of torrent movies, videos, and TV shows without any hassle.

Have you successfully visited the RARBG torrent website? If you are still facing the problem, then feel free to contact us at and send your query. We will definitely answer you with a solution. Thanks!

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