June 18, 2024
Job Hunting Tips

Job Hunting Tips for Expats in the USA

Starting a career from scratch can be overwhelming and confusing. The task is even more difficult when you are looking for a job abroad. That’s why you need to be prepared so the process can be much quicker and successful. Finding the right job abroad takes certain preparation steps, so you can present the best picture of yourself when applying for the desired job. For that reason, we prepared a couple of job hunting tips for expats in the USA, which can be very helpful when looking for your career abroad.

Pick the location that suits you the most

  1. The USA is definitely the country of opportunities. However, you need to think a bit before you move to any of its cities. One of the most important job hunting tips for expats in the USA is to do some research about job opportunities and where to find a job related to your area of knowledge and experience. Start with the list of most popular cities among expats, and then narrow your search to the city that offers something for your expertise. Be sure to learn all the things you should know before moving to a new city for work and you are good to go.

Some of the best cities for expats are:

  1. New York – this city has everything. It’s exciting and full of entertainment options, and at the same time filled with different companies offering job opportunities.
  2. San Jose, California – offering the highest median salary $77.180 San Jose is for sure the capital of the Silicon Valley. Let it be your next home!
  3. San Francisco – with the unemployment rate being only 2.7% and the median salary of $69,700 San Francisco is truly one of the favorite destinations for expats.
  4. Boston – the unemployment rate is only 3.1% in Boston, and there are many colleges in the area, which is a great reason to choose this city as your abroad destination.
  5. Washington, DC – this area of the USA offers a lot of job opportunities in both the private and public sectors. The unemployment rate is 3.4% which is great considering the size of the city.

Prepare for the job hunt

After you pick a city, do thorough research of the job market and all the requirements these jobs have. Find out if you have enough skills and experience for the jobs you want, because if you don’t, you may want to consider additional education steps before applying.

Another thing you need to prepare is the CV. Not all the companies and markets ask for the same CV formats. Be sure to adapt your resume to the particular jobs you apply, where some skills are more important than others.

Gather your documents

Another thing you should definitely figure out on time is documentation. Don’t wait until the last moment to gather all the necessary work permits, visas, etc. Furthermore, don’t forget about the document attestation, too. Employers will appreciate the prepared applicant much better – since he can start working right away and without any problems.

Spread the word

Apart from searching and applying for jobs by yourself, including the people you know to help you out. All of your friends, family or acquaintances that live in the area you’re about to move to should know that you are looking for a job. The chances are that one of these people will be able to help you, or they know someone who does.

One of the best job hunting tips for expats is to be open-minded

One of the most valuable jobs hunting tips for expats in the USA is not to expect that they will continue their career from the spot they stopped at when they were home. It’s very probable that some of the aspects of your career will be different than before – it could be the pay, the position, even the job could be completely different. Be open-minded about this and think of it as a necessary step to your desired career point. Don’t be afraid to start something completely out of your comfort and interest zone, because opportunities may come to you in various shapes.

Look for companies that are present worldwide

Applying to the companies that are present in multiple countries give you more chances to find the job you want and need. Furthermore, consider applying at consulate offices since native speakers of various countries are always welcome in such businesses.

Moving abroad

After you decide to move to the USA, there’s a process of packing and movings that waits for you. It sounds like a daunting task, however, it doesn’t need to be if you re well-prepared.

Pack properly

Pack only the things you really need – after all, you can buy everything in the States. Moving can be the perfect moment to declutter your home and get rid of the items you no longer need. Remember, fewer the items, lower the moving costs. If you decide to send something, later on, learn everything about sending a parcel to the USA. However, when packing for a move, be sure to properly seal and label your boxes, so they are safer during transport.

Hire a professional moving company

Moving abroad is not a simple thing. Hire a professional moving company like spydermoving.comto help you out. Experienced movers will deal with the relocation much easier and your items will be safer if transported professionally.

Don’t worry if you need to move again

If you happen to choose a city that doesn’t offer many job opportunities for you, don’t wait up. Move on and find a new home. If you find help when moving home to a new location, any relocation will be smooth and easy. Pursuing your career goals often mean you need to travel and dedicate your time so you find the perfect job.

Find out about your new neighborhood before you arrive

Use those online maps and get to know with your new home neighborhood. Find out about the closest restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, etc. This way you’ll be prepared when you arrive so you can go and have a ‘welcome dinner’ or do some grocery shopping without having to research on the spot. And finally, the most important job hunting tips for expats in the USA – enjoy your time in your new home country!


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