June 22, 2024
Linen fabric

Linen Fabric and Why It Is the Top Choice in The Design Industry

The linen is the right fabric that takes your project to the next level. It is almost a perfect fit that fits every industry need. It is one of the most sustainable products and the best choice for designers, manufacturers and consumers.

What is Linen fabric:

Linen is a fabric used in the interior design industry owing to its luxury and durability. It gives us a timeless look and a comfortable feeling. Linen fabric comes from a fiber that is sourced from the stems of a flax plant. It is said to be three times stronger than the cotton material. It is known for its strength, high-end look and breathability. Designers choose this linen fabric because of its lavish look and feel. Let us look into the qualities of Linen fabric that makes it a top choice for the design industry.


Natural Linen Fabric and its sustainability:

When designing a home with the decor products such as tables, windows, pillows and furniture, manufacturers find a unique way to create a sustainable quality product with the help of this natural linen fabric. It is the most sustainable textile material available in the market today owing to its reduced use of natural resources and long-life span. Consumers would want to incorporate sustainability in their homes as well into their businesses.

A rich history of Linen fabric:

It is perfected over many generations for its sumptuously rich outlook. The history of linen speaks about its durability and luxuriant feel. It has a rich past and people ought to realize it from history. It is in the industry for more than thousands of years and it is the oldest crop that civilizations have cultivated.

Researchers studied the linen cloth over a thousand years ago making it the most studied artefact that has been covered in history. It is the famous use of linen is the Shroud of Turin, which is believed to wrap the crucified body of Jesus Christ.

In ancient Egypt, linen has been used in the process of mummification that wraps the bodies of dead people. Archaeologists discovered 30,000 years old flax fibers in Georgia. It has been dyed bright colors.

It is considered to be an elite fabric in ancient Mesopotamia. It is reserved for people from a higher class. Around 3000 BC, the Mesopotamians had domesticated the flax plant, as it is easy to turn them into yarn from the flax plant stem fibers. These yarns are later used to create a myriad of products from clothing to robe.

The evidence has been found in Pylos, Greece for the use of linen on Linear B tablets. The Greeks used these writing tablets as documentation. The oldest of these tablets was found in 1450 BC.

Today the farmland in Europe is the home for many flax plants that helps in creating this textile. The flax plants fields is the way of life for the farmers in the region of France, the Netherlands, Belgium for many generations.

Flax production has allowed farmers and manufacturers for growing flax and its usage in the construction of linen fabric. The ancient fabric is still used to create upholstery, table decor, slipcovers and more.

Modern machinery plays a big role in flax fiber processing and crafting linen remain constant in day-to-day life. All this ensured that the linen fiber you use today is of the highest quality.

Sustainability is Maximized:

The linen fabric is the most sustainable textile available owing to the flax plant growing process. It is because the flax needs little water and no irrigation process is required. It doesn’t require pesticides either.

It uses the crop rotation method which is renewed every six to seven years. It regenerates the soil for the crops such as wheat, potatoes and beets. When flax is turned into linen, the parts that are wasted can be used for various other purposes. The flax plant can be used for producing oil, and the flax seeds can be used for consumption as well. Apart from the growing process, the line itself is sustainable. The linen fabric is biodegradable. The companies with sustainable practices, linen is of great choice. This is great for consumers who are looking for sustainable products for their homes and offices.

Linen fabric is easy to care for:

Consumers are looking for a product that is easy to care for and that gives a luxurious touch and feel. Linen fabric offers us both. Hence it is the wisest choice among the product manufacturers. The fabric can be hand-washed or dry cleaned easily. This requires avoiding hot water and heat which causes the fabric to shrink. Avoid bleaching to maintain the color of the fabric. The linen gets softer as it ages. When it is well maintained the linen stay fresh longer.

Health benefits of linen:

  • It is moisture resistant. It can absorb dampness up to 20% without giving a wet feeling. This moisture resistance protects the material against bacterial growth.
  • It is hypoallergenic. As it is a natural fiber and skin-friendly to the person who uses it. And it is perfect for people who suffer from allergies.
  • It is breathable. This fabric suits all types of climates. Keep us cool during the summer and provide warmth during the winter. This fabric offers a better regulation of body temperature.

Owing to all the benefits, many manufacturers choose linen fabric for their industry.

Linen fabric is available in wholesale:

Many designers and manufacturers turn into wholesale suppliers. Hence linen is available from wholesale suppliers as well. The hotel linen manufacturers in India are mostly fabric companies that offer linen at the best price and quantity. Working with linen saves you money in the long run.

Designers choose this fabric owing to its strength, breathability, fresh look and feel. These are the top qualities of linen fabric that makes it the best choice in the design industry.

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