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How to Watch an NBA Game on Your Cell Phone


An NBA game is played with a basketball. There are 15 players on each team and a maximum of 13 players can be active during the game. A quarter is twelve minutes and the game can be prolonged by five minutes with overtime. The shot clock is twenty seconds and resets to fourteen seconds on an offensive rebound. The rims of an NBA court are ten feet high. The length of the court is approximately 94 feet.

The NBA has 30 teams. The league is organized into three divisions and two conferences with five teams each. The current alignment was introduced in 2004-05. Most of the NBA teams are located in the eastern half of the country. The Eastern Time Zone has 13 teams, while the Central Time Zone has nine. The West Coast has three teams. The Philadelphia 76ers play the Golden State Warriors. They also host the Houston Rockets. The following are some more details about basketball.

You can try a premium plan

If you’re a hardcore NBA fan, it’s important to sign up for the PREMIUM plan to watch every game. With this plan, you can watch all the games without commercials and have a premium experience in the stands. If you’re looking to watch more than one game per day, you can also get the PREMIUM version. This allows you to stream the games to multiple devices. This plan offers more freedom for those who want to split the bill.

If you want to watch every NBA game without commercials, visit NBA Stream. It is the perfect choice for hardcore fans, who expect to catch at least 80% of games. You can watch a single game on a single device, and even split the cost with friends. With a PREMIUM plan, you can view any number of games on any device. The game also has an app to allow you to pause the game and rewind it.

What you can get in a premium plan?

The premium plan includes everything you need to watch NBA games. You can eliminate commercials and enjoy all your favorite games without any interruptions. With the PREMIUM plan, you can watch all the games on two or more screens. This is perfect for people who want to split the bill and can’t afford the Premiere plan. In addition, you can watch NBA games on more than one device. This is a great option for hardcore fans of the NBA.

Last words

The best and cheapest way to watch NBA games is to subscribe to a live streaming service. There are various options, but the most popular ones are those that offer multiple streams for major events. It’s also possible to watch NBA streams on your phone with a different web browser. In addition to these, some of them offer chat functions, which can be useful in some cases. Some of them have a “free” trial period, while others don’t. So always find a reliable site like Reddit NBA Streams to watch all your favorite matches and games of basketball.


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