Major Application of Electronic Flow Control Valve

A flow control valve is one of the most important in the mechanical industry. Proportional air valves controlled the traditional flow. When the current is applied, a solenoid coil or torque motor generates an electromagnetic force. These forces could directly stroke the mainstage spool or indirectly move it via a pneumatic flow control valve at each end. There are many types and sizes of flow control valves. An electronic-based flow control valve’s basic function is to regulate the flow of water or air in the hydraulic system. The simple water motor installed in your home is an example of an electronic flow control valve. Standard designs for electronic pressure control valves include needle and globe valves. Unidirectional flow control valves allow flow to be controlled in one direction but not in the other.

A flow valve that controls flow is also available in electric form. It can be used to maintain constant flow at different pressures. These valves are a valuable asset to the process control industry. Why? Because of the many benefits they offer.

Flow Control Valves Benefits:

Electronic Flow Control Valve

Electronic pressure control valves have gained immense popularity in many industries. Here are some of the benefits of a pneumatic flow control valve:

  • It Is Easy To Install

The simplicity with which electrical flow control valves may be installed is undoubtedly their most appealing feature. You will be able to save a large amount of time and effort as a result of this.

  • Automatically Operated

An electronic flow control valve is operated automatically. It eliminates the need for the operator to open or close the valve manually.

  • Blocks Blocking

Control valves are designed so that fluids flow freely through them. This means that these devices don’t stop.

  • Environmentally Friendly Solution

A flow regulator valve reduces the waste of natural resources. This helps one meet global ecological standards and makes these valves an environmentally-friendly solution.

  • Money-Saving Device

An electronic flow control valve can help conserve water. This allows for significant savings in water and sewerage costs for large industrial companies.

Applications Of Electric Flow Control Valves:

These are the most popular applications of an electric flow control valve in various industries:

  • Anti-surge Compressor Systems
  • Pump Protection Services
  • Pulp and Paper Mills

There have been a lot of technological improvements made in each and every industry. Control valves have also been affected as a result of this. Automation of valves is gaining popularity as a result of the overall simplification it brings to the operation. For further information on automated low flow valve, you may get in touch with the respective producers or service suppliers. The basic purpose of the control valves application is that they can effectively manage the pressure of the fluids whenever, there are fluctuations in the pressure of the fluids


The efficiency of the electronic flow control valve is increased by moderate flow rates, reduced discharge temperatures, and the absence of liquid return. As a consequence of this, the mechanical components are exposed to less pollution. Maintenance is not necessary for flow control valves in any way.

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