Which Brand Is Better? HP or Dell or Lenovo

LENOVO laptops

Which Brand Is Better? HP or Dell or Lenovo

Surely the question has come to you which of these three brands is better? HP or DELL or LENOVO

Are HP laptops better or DELL laptops with LENOVO laptops?

In this article, we will review these three brands to make it easier for you to choose from these three brands that have a very memorable product variety also for more information you can visit


HP is currently involved in many areas including:

  • Laptop
  • PC
  • Printer
  • scanner
  • monitor
  • And many other products are active

The products of this company are popular and very popular all over the world

HEWLETT-PACKARD The two founders of this company, whose initials together form the name of this company.

Very high durability and longevity and very, very high manufacturing quality are the features of this company

Design and build quality

HP has made great strides in this area especially in the field of engineering laptops or workstations, the new generations of these workstation laptops are not comparable to previous generations.

HP has the upper hand in the field of WORKSTATION LAPTOP among the manufacturers of this type of product

HP ZBOOK series is one of the most popular workstations in the world

This category of HP products is of very high quality

NASA has sent an HP ZBOOK G5 or G6 to the International Space Station during its last astronaut trip.

In the field of convertible laptops with SPECTRE series, many fans have gathered around this company

Aluminum chassis and skillful hinge design and beautiful colors are the prominent features of this series of HP products.

The gaming series of this company has recently made a lot of progress and OMEN series laptops

It has really met the expectations of users for games with heavy graphics


In terms of innovation, HP is always active But as DELL and LENOVO focus more on business and public laptops, DELL and LENOVO are more successful than HP.

According to HP, which also focuses on printers and scanners, it lags behind DELL in terms of innovation.

But this does not mean that HP has lost this rhyme, but as we have already stated

HP WORKSTATION MOBILE and SPECTRE series are the most popular and innovative products on the market.


This company is a multinational company and is engaged in the production and distribution of technological equipment. Dell has done a really great job when it comes to laptop production

Everyone knows their special computing and portable laptops. Due to having a wide network of customers, this organization produces laptops in different types of prices

Design and build quality

When we talk about this, many customers around the world claim that the company is not interested in optimizing the design of laptops. Instead, DELL is focusing on hardware components.

However, some users claim that DELL has a better design than HP and LENOVO.

The beautiful and sleek design of this company on XPS models well reflects the good design of the company’s products.

Very narrow chassis and golden and white colors are the prominent features of this series of DELL products

For gamers, Alienware laptops are one of the best choices on the market

Features of this series of laptops, the keyboard has a colored backlight (RGB) with fancy and glossy logos

The DELL Inspiron and HP Pavilion series are in perfect competition in terms of design

DELL Inspiron and Alienware series have shown that Dell produces not only high quality products but also a variety of hub choices for every user.


Innovation is one of the issues that pits DELL against HP, but Dell is at the forefront.

Dell typically produces heavy-duty laptops with bulky formats equipped with mid-range dual-core processors that are suitable for general and commercial purposes.

But the research and development department of this company has always been striving and has been successful

Dell’s new XPS series, for example, is a slim, lightweight laptop with innovative features and allow users to control their mobile phones with their laptops or DELL PRECISION series, which have high memory, computing power and graphics power suitable for video editing, drawing and design.

The company has also set up a control center for its Alienware series so that users can change their settings for each game.


LENOVO is a well-known technology company. This multinational company has 54,000 employees and this company originates from China.

It is one of the largest sellers of personal computers (laptops) and one of the bases in this field in the world. The company’s laptops are selected by the editors and have several awards

By now, you have noticed that Lenovo produces most 14-inch laptops, which is why the company’s products are highly portable.

Most models use SSD instead of HDD and therefore have faster performance and IPS displays so they offer better color quality.

Design and build quality

Lenovo is quite dull in design and not as successful as HP and DELL. If you pay attention, in the THIKPAD series of this company, a whole keyboard model has been used only by changing the size of the keys, but some models are also excellently and creatively designed, such as the Yoga series.

They even use creative hinges to keep users happy. Most products have good ports. It is easy to use external memory with these conditions.

In the 2017 models, after the excellent keyboards are used, there is no need to worry if your drink is accidentally spilled on the keyboard.


The company is not strong in terms of innovation, but the newly produced products have convinced us that LENOVO is moving towards innovative designs.

Final conclusion

In this article, as expected, HP won the competition with DELL, but it is not really possible to say which brand is better. Each of these brands is better than each other in some areas, so:

Before buying, be sure to research the products you want to buy or you can get help from friends and those who have information in this area. We are your friends to give you more information about Lenovo and dell, Lenovo vs HP and Dell vs HP. You can compare them together easily and get every things you want with clicking on Lenovo and dell, Lenovo vs HP and Dell vs HP also visit that is our site to guide you.

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