June 19, 2024

Maruti Suzuki Ignis vs. Tata Tiago: Which is better?

When it comes to comparing Maruti Ignis with a commendable car model from some other brand, Tata Tiago appears as one of the most popular options. Both the models have been tough players in the segment and have garnered an amazing public response.

Further, Tata Tiago is one of the highly successful models from the brand and is labelled as the star player of Tata Motors.

However, there is much more than what meets the eyes, when it comes to both the models. Hence, we are sharing a highly comprehensive and in-depth comparison of both – Maruti Ignis and Tata Tiago in the following section.

If you are planning to buy any one of them and are confused about which one is better, or which one to choose, take a thorough read and make the most of your investment.
Here we go!

Exterior or Looks

Both the cars have completely different looks. Tata Tiago is wider than Maruti Ignis and also has a lower height. Maruti Ignis is famous for its SUV-like looks and tall model that instantly sets it apart from the crowd.

Tata Tiago has a sleek front grill with angular headlamps that seem to blend with it. There is no projector headlamp setup and no DRL. On the other hand, the top model of Maruti Ignis comes with LED projectors with DRLs and the front grill shaped like a Jeep that extends around the headlights as well.

Side Profile Comparison

Further, when it comes to the side profile view, Ignis looks like an SUV, but the C-pillar at the rear end of the car is a debatable feature among the buyers. The most promising feature is the full-body cladding that allows the car to resume the shape after getting minor dents and rubs during drives. This feature also makes Ignis a practical car.

On the other hand, Tata Tiago also has an amazing side profile view, and there are no questionable elements, like the C-pillar. The design is well-proportioned and is one of the most powerful sales USP of the car. There is nobody cladding here, but that doesn’t hamper the overall design impression of Tiago.

Back Profile Comparison

In this department, Ignis is badly defeated by the Tata Tiago as its back profile is a major downer. It seems entirely out of proportions and is often one of the reasons people don’t purchase it. Tata Tiago has a well-balanced design and its back profile is a winner as well. It has boomerang-shaped rear tail lamps that make the car appear sporty.


Maruti Ignis Tyre Measurements: 175/65 R15
Tata Tiago Tyre Measurements: · For XE, XT, XZ, XZA models: 175/65 R14
· For XZ+ and XZA+ models: 175/60 R15


Maruti Ignis price in Kerala: Ex-showroom Price is INR 4.93 lakh
Tata Tiago: Ex-showroom price is INR Rs. 4.87 lakh


Both the cars have a dual-tone dashboard that comes in grey and black colour. One other common characteristic of both cars is the interior colour palette that has accents from the outer body paint.

So, the interiors don’t stand in extreme contrast from the outer body.

Interior and Infotainment Features

There is a touch screen infotainment system in both the cars that is compatible with Android as well as Apple’s CarPlay. The other common features comprise steering mounted controls and automatic A/C.

There are no child seat anchor points in Tata Tiago, while they are present in the Ignis. Tata Tiago also comes with sans brake assist and the advanced feature of speed-sensing door locks.

Additional Features

Additional Features of Tiago:

  • Cooled glove box
  • Best in the segment sound quality
  • 8-speaker surround sound system by Harman


Both the cars are equally spacious and well-planned when it comes to seating and cabin space. However, Tata Tiago offers better seating comfort, whereas the side bolstering of the front seat is better in Maruti Ignis. So, both the driver and the passenger in the front seat has a better seating grip.

Also, Maruti Ignis is 13mm wider and 60mm taller than Tata Tiago, which makes it more spacious and more comfortable as compared to Tata Tiago.

If you have to choose a car that is big on comfort, comes with a bigger boot, spacious cabin, high-performing engine and overall rating, then Maruti Ignis is your car.

On the other hand, if you wish to have a feature-rich car with anadvanced infotainment system and impeccable sound system, then you must go with Tata Tiago.

We hope all our readers find this post helpful in making the final purchase decision between both models.


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