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5 Mobile Apps for Students to Help Them with Their Studies

You can use a knife to cut fruits and even to kill someone. Isn’t your phone like a knife too? You can use it to change your life for the better or let it be a weapon of your destruction. Even if your phone can be a big distraction that comes between you and your studies, you still can’t say a complete no to it as it has its own set of benefits that you cannot miss out on. So, why not use your phone to enhance your academic performance while being more productive?

We have handpicked five amazing mobile apps for you to boost your learning process, productivity and focus. Not only are these apps free but also come with minimal ads. These apps are quite effective and have a good user interface, free of distractions. Moreover, these apps helps students to manage time for studies. Continue reading to know the specifications of these impactful apps.

1. Khan Academy

With this app, you can learn anything for free. You have access to tens of thousands of expert-created videos, interactive exercises, and in-depth articles all by professionals. Math, physics, economics, finance, language, history, government, politics, and much, much more are all available to you to learn about and to master. Khan Academy is a reputable and brilliant platform to clear your basic as well as advanced concepts of any subject. The ease of use and aesthetic appeal of this e-learning platform makes learning fun and convenient. There is no fee because the platform is non-profit. Everything on the app is absolutely free.

With quick feedback and step-by-step hints, you can practice exercises, quizzes, and tests. You can watch your favorite videos without an internet connection by bookmarking and downloading them.

No matter where you left off, their mastery system provides quick feedback and recommendations on which skills and videos to try next, based on your current learning level. You can also register a free account which allows you to sync your learning across all of your devices.

2. Forest: Stay Focused

In this era of digital distractions, staying focused has never been more challenging. Constant interruptions, from phone calls to notifications from social media apps, steal your attention. An excellently designed app, that turns the abstract idea of focusing on something other than your phone into an enjoyable pastime. With this app, you can plant a tree whenever you need to stay focused. In the absence of distraction, your tree will thrive; if you can’t resist the need to check your phone, it will perish. Focus and commitment will build an entire forest over time. It can be really helpful when you want to study without any distractions.

While it has a lot of wonderful features, the free version with advertisements does a good job of not distracting you. The timer features both a focus timer and a break timer, which complements time-management techniques like the Pomodoro Technique where a timer is used to break up work into intervals, interspersed by short breaks. You can view the progress you’ve made each day/weekly/monthly/yearly to learn about your attention habits.

3. Medito: Free Meditation, Sleep & Mindfulness

There is no doubt that academic life comes with stress, anxiety, and a great deal of pressure. Meditation is a scientifically proven way to not only calm your mind down to manage stress levels, but it can also help you focus better, concentrate for a longer time, and attain greater mental well-being and happiness. It is also known to enhance cognition and memory.

Medito is a great app created by a volunteer non-profit foundation dedicated to making meditation accessible to everyone, without charging a fee. It provides varying levels of difficulty, including specific meditations for stress management, life, and job management as well. Sleep Sounds & Meditations, Breathing Exercises, a Stress & Anxiety Pack, and much more are included in this software for both beginners and intermediate users.

4. Coursera

Whether you want to take a course related to your degree or something new, Coursera is quite a good platform to do it from. Coursera offers thousands of both paid and free courses. You can explore different fields like finance, computer science, biotechnology, marketing, copywriting, art, photography, philosophy, and a lot more. It offers certified courses from world-class universities like Duke, Stanford, University of London, and Yale, and industry leaders like Google. Ed-tech apps like Coursera are great platforms to invest your time in.

5. Google Calendar

Being a student you must plan out your days, weeks, and months for better results. Why install another schedule-making app when you probably already have Google Calendar on your phone. On Android devices, it is pre-installed as a free calendar app. From your Google account, the app allows you to sync events and schedules with the app. Events and timetables can be color-coded on the app, which makes it stand out. Also included are daily, weekly, and monthly viewing modes. Google Calendar is a reliable calendar tool that interfaces with the majority of productivity applications. You can create, manage, and view your tasks easily as well as set reminders for the same.

Now that these productive student-friendly applications for you are available at your fingertips, studying won’t be a chore anymore.

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