Take A Look At The Products Offered By The Tata Motors Dealers In Chandigarh

The Tata Motors Dealers in Chandigarh, have become a household name by providing numerous types of automobiles, for individuals in the area of Chandigarh and beyond. The company is an authorized group and have been in the business for many years.

However, they are well-known for their top-quality automobiles from Tata Motors, and have a variety of vehicles available, under their belt. The company is India’s No.1 vehicle dealers and currently holds a top position, in the industry. There are many reasons to choose them when it comes to receiving a high-quality vehicle from all shapes and sizes.

•       Reasons to choose this company

The company was established its association with the Tata Motors in 1967 and is currently a premium dealer of all the commercial vehicles, of the Tata Group. They are the largest selling dealers of spares, services, and sales in North India, and has a world-class showroom to display all the automobiles they have in store. In the past financial year of 2017-2018, the company has pulled a turnover of 2128cr, and this was achieved with the help of the hard work, and dedication of the 900 staff members who have contributed in providing services to the customers, by delivering services according to their needs.

•          The products they offer

The company is the best Tata Motors Dealers in Chandigarh, and numerous types of vehicles, which are used for commercial purposes. They are the largest and oldest vehicle dealers, who have a complete range of commercial vehicles from the Tata company, which are used for various purposes. Everything from trucks, buses, M & HCV-LCV-ICV, and many more. They have the vehicles on display at their big workshop, customers can take a look at the product, before making the final call of purchase. The price of all the vehicles will fall under a good budget, and with the help of festive offers and sales, customers are guaranteed to receive a vehicle, a good price as well.

•          Services provided at the Tata Motors Service Station in Chandigarh

The company has a total 7 location, where their service center is located and one of is the Tata Motors Service Station in Chandigarh, where the majority of the vehicle owners happen to visit. Therefore, all the service stations have multiple types of services for all the commercial vehicles, as the professional technicians take the help of, advance technology to repair, fix, maintain and replace, vehicle parts that will perform better in the future. One of the best thing, about this company, is that all their services are customized and customers will have, no chance to complain as the work with done quickly and timely.

            •          The company and its team

The team of extremely talented, skilled and high-qualified professionals, are the backbone of the company, and has contributed their dedication and made the company, to be one of the best reputed commercial vehicle dealers in India.

Purchase vehicles from the best dealers in North India

The word call impossible does not exist in their dictionary when it comes to offering customer satisfaction services. However, with their vast range of knowledge power, techniques, and tools, have enabled them to provide a good amount of services, which other vehicle dealers cannot deliver. Look up to the best and reputed dealers of commercial vehicles, in North India and get to avail their products and services.

Pasco Motors, a premium authorized dealer in Northern India for the commercial vehicles of Tata. The brand is recognized for its world-class showrooms and service centers sprawled in the various cities.

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