Reason to must have a Photographer at Indian Weddings

Imagine a fat Indian wedding without a man wearing T-shirt, jeans and a gear jacket, carrying a long lens camera and sneaking everywhere possible. We Indians just can’t imagine a wedding without a photographer. Wedding in India is no less than a festival. Right from the Yellow turmeric to the yellow marigold. Its bright like the sunshine. It is said “Every marriage is beautiful in its own way” we can totally agree to it but we can’t deny to the fact that every marriages are unique because of the photographer and his efforts.

Weddings here aren’t a one-day program, it is at least of a 5-day full-fledged Bollywood mixed get together. It is a range of scope for all the art photographers to capture beautiful Photographs in these 5 days. Right from the haldi that is a very colorful ritual to the mehendi which again is green and joyous in nature till the final day of wedding. This carries a range of opportunities for the Photographer to capture the events in totality. Candids are the best to be captured here. The excitement that glitters on the faces of people are worth observing, viewing and capturing. The Pattu Chira or the heavy zaarikaari lenhanga or the lucknowayi achkan every dress carries an emotion with itself.It said “ A happy bridesmaid make a bride happy” but in the modern scenario a perfect photographer with beautiful pictures makes a bride happy.

Any marriage has amalgamated emotions of the bride, bridegroom and their parents. How can we miss the confused flow of emotions that the brides parent carry. Any emotion cannot match the level that a brides parent carry. The lens-man gets multiple expression pictures which are in fact not created but are real.

Leaving the emotional part aside, there are a bunch of glamorous and handsome teenagers dying to dance and pose in the weddings. These are the colors of any wedding. The power punch that they put to the wedding are just unavoidable. They are the sibling’s department. The moments of enjoyment, the tit for tat moments, the shoe hiding element, the small spicy fights between these people are all the happy part of any wedding album. Earlier pictures were conceptualized and clicked and so they the reality and genuineness in them. But today the excitement that people have towards photography and wedding just adds to the beauty of any click, also it helps the memory makers make much more beautiful or beautify it. No event in a human’s life is bigger than their marriage or parenthood.

The Emotions captured in the wedding by the photographer are just like pearls and the wedding album is a pearl necklace, beautifully arranged and expressed. After the long tiring and tedious ceremony the most important people are left with only visuals, The memories are recreated in the form of a Photo book that proves to be the best remedy for their after marriage cravings of re living it. These memories can be made more beautiful with “My Memory Maker”.

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