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Reasons To Celebrate Holi In Mathura

Reasons To Celebrate Holi In Mathura

Holi is for everyone, it doesn’t matter which faith and community you belong to, enjoy Holi as one of the most extensively observed holidays in India. At this time, everywhere you go in the nation, you will see people fully engrossed in the festival. Nevertheless, visiting Mathura will give you a different perspective on the celebration, regardless of your likeness towards Holi in various parts of the country. Additionally, it is very straightforward for travellers to get to Mathura for the Holi festival if you reside in Delhi.

Mathura Ki Holi – Places To Visit

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Barsana is the first spot you ought to go. Here you can see the popular Lathmar Holi. Get an experience of Radha and Krishna’s romantic and platonic relationship at this period. Nandgaon boys travel to Barsana for the Holi celebration with females.

Then you can travel to Braj and Vrindavan. Holi is typically enjoyed in both of these locations. The guests at the location are showered with colours and water by the priests. You should definitely go see the Holi colour explosion.

You can take a tour of all the famous locations while you are in Vrindavan and Mathura for this lovely festival. Mathura’s tourist attractions include:

Kans Qila

It is a prime example of intricate Hindu and Muslim construction, and it is located on the banks of the River Yamuna. You can tour the Vaikuntha and Brahma Ghats while you’re here.

The stories from Lord Krishna’s life and childhood are deeply entwined with these wonderful locations, so individuals who identify as religious can discover special importance in visiting these locations during Holi. You can rent a car from Delhi and enjoy the relaxing journey to get here conveniently. Choosing a Revv sanitised car rental is a fantastic choice if you’re concerned about your safety.

Elephant Conservation & Care Centre

This is a facility for rehabilitating traumatised elephants. They are looked after here. Here, you can observe elephants eating, moving around, and even making water splashes.

Vishram Ghat

Legend has it that Lord Krishna took a break here after murdering his paternal uncle Kansa, making it known for significant ghats in Mathura. This ghat has a number of temples surrounding it. Thousands of floating oil lamps are ignited here during the evening aarti.

Gita Mandir

When you enter this holy place, you will see Bhagavad Gita’s 18 chapters depicted on the temple’s pillars. Numerous Hindu idols, including Goddess Sita, Lord Rama, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Narayan, and Lord Krishna, have idols at the shrine.

Dwarkadhish Temple

The temple’s Rajasthani architecture is something to admire, and it is dedicated to Lord Krishna. With an open courtyard, carved pillars, and a stunning painted roof, you should definitely see the stunning temples of Mathura.

Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple

Since it is thought that Lord Krishna was born there, it is regarded as the most sacred location in Mathura. Along with shrines to numerous gods and goddesses, you can find the marble figure of Lord Krishna here, added by a Delhi Sightseeing by Busservice provider.

But, Holi in Mathura?

If the traditions are to be believed, Mathura was the setting for the blossoming of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha. According to legend, Lord Krishna would throw colours over Radha and paint her face with colours in order to equalise both of their skin tones since he was irritated by how fair Radha’s skin was in comparison to his own.

Lord Krishna and his company would travel to Nandgaon, a village close to Mathura, from where they would throw colours at Radha and her friends during Barsana. Radha and her pals would playfully hit them with sticks to stop them.

Holi is still celebrated annually with colours and sticks by the villagers, therefore this celebration is known as Lathmar Holi. The festivities begin a week before its last day and last for at least six days.

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