5 Reasons to Hire Immigration Consultants India for Canada

Immigration consultants in India

Immigration is arduous as it is about relocation to a foreign country. It involves planning, which is quite strenuous and back-breaking. Relocation and resettlement can sometimes be exciting, as one anticipates better opportunities in a new land. But this is not as easy as it seems. It is not a process of one day but can take longer than expected. All you need is professional consultation and some advice for your consideration. Immigration consultants in India are making it easier for people to move to the country of their dreams by making the process hassle-free and putting up the best possible option for their clients.

Canada has always been the first choice for people in India looking to relocate and settle there. The beautiful landscape, extraordinary lifestyle, fantastic healthcare, valuable education, and seemingly endless possibilities for skilled workers make this country the first choice. It welcomes people from different nationalities to come and settle there for better opportunities. Due to the large diasporic Indian communities in Canada, it is the most reliable choice for Indians.

Why hire Immigration Consultants in India?

Canada immigration is not an overnight process and can take longer than expected. People often seek consultation and counseling services from their close relatives or those already living in Canada. Sometimes people get overwhelmed and start their visa processing on their own, leading to rejection without knowing the reason why they went wrong. Here comes the importance of hiring immigration consultants in India.

As immigration consultancies have well-skilled people who are well aware of the immigration requirements and dynamics in the application process, they can guide you better to rule out the chances of rejection and guarantees successful visa approval.

The five most compelling reasons to hire immigration consultants for Canada are listed below:

Guidance in Visa Selection

Requiring a visa in a country like Canada is complex and requires extra deliberation on the grounds and purpose you are applying for. You need proper guidance when applying for a Canadian Tourist visa or a skilled Immigration. A common citizen from India who wishes to travel to Canada might not be aware of the best category for a visa. The experts and specialists from immigration consultancies can help you choose the right visa type based on your qualifications, skills, and purpose. They will not only advise you on the best visa category for you, but they will also inform you of your perfect visa score in your desired categories.

The Expertise of Immigration Consultants

In immigration consultancies, agents looking over visa processing are professionals with perfect and updated knowledge of your desired country, like Canada. They know about all the procedural requirements and prerequisites for an application, like a bank statement, qualification, sponsorship protocols, preferred insurance, and all the necessary authorized documents. The guidance and support they can give you can help you with a stress-free process, minimizing the chances of rejection.

Authorized Consultancies

You must check that the immigration consultancy you are relying on for a visa in Canada is registered with ICCRC (Immigration Consultancy of Canada Regulatory Council). Only authorized and registered consultancies can provide legitimate services to acquire a Canadian visa. Hence, you should hire an ICCRC-registered immigration consultancy in India for transparent and reliable services.

On-spot Guidance

The team of professionals in registered consultancies knows about all the intricate details of visa processing. It can provide you with the needed on-the-spot guidance for any concerns. They can help you understand the different streams with all the ins and outs of the immigration process. Experts help you apply for express visa entry through other streams like FWSP (Federal Skilled Worker Program), CEC (Canadian Experience Class) program, etc. With proper analysis and calculations, your consultant can help you know about your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score and apply for the best stream with a good CRS score.

Post Immigration Support and Help

Relocating to a country like Canada for an Indian citizen can be overwhelming, but a good consultancy can provide post-immigration support and help. Some renowned consultancies have their physical presence in Canada, making it easier for their clients to seek professional help in work-related or personal issues.

Bottom Line

These five reasons provide insight into choosing the best immigration consultancy. The top-class Immigration Consultants in India will make the Canadian immigration process hassle-free, making your experience worthwhile. So, choose a company that can provide you with all-inclusive services and the best counsel for turning your dream of migrating to Canada into a reality!

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