Role of Law in Society

In any society and workplace environment, there exists some system of rules, namely the prescribed law that should be followed and adhered to by members of society. Laws are represented by regulations that govern people’s manner of carrying out of some deeds with the sole aim of issuing orders. There are various categories that classify laws. They include constitutions, statutes, treaties, common law, and ordinances that make regulations concerning the operations of some sector or department within a certain land. As a consequence, this implies that everyone residing in this area has the right to be treated with fairness and justice. This paper is aimed at offering an understanding concerning the role of the law in the society and ideas to write my narrative essay.

The law regulates the behavior of individuals in the society. Under the provisions of criminal law, the state punishes those individuals found guilty of any criminal act. Taking corrective measures such as passing sentences in the form of fines or imprisonment on such individuals is necessary to remedy wrongful behavior or unacceptable habit in the society. As a result, those individuals who were once brought in a verdict of guilty would find it difficult to repeat the same crimes for which they have been punished. Moreover, those who might wish to join the criminal environment would also be deterred from it while being aware of the heavy punishment if found guilty. Therefore, in this case, the law promotes social order in the society making everything possible to create harmonious co-existence.

The law aids in the regulation of governmental power and activities. Under the provisions of various constitutions and statutes, the government and its members have their roles that are strictly determined and superintended. Therefore, the society is able to protect its rights and make members of the government accountable for their actions or inactions. Thus, procedures of addressing any excesses by the state are in place. In fact, it is these pieces of legislation and the supreme law that defines the powers of various arms of the government.

The law spurs economic growth through legislation that regulates undertakings of various parties concerning business and trade. Under private law, the law of contract comes into play. Therefore, there is guaranteed redress in any disputes regarding some business relationship between different parties. Talking about laws that promote justice, they enhance business and spur economic growth.

It is crucial to examine the role of the law in the workplace. I work as a real estate consultant in a private limited liability company. Talking about my duties, I majorly handle clients interested in valuation services, property management and estate agency services. In addition, I have to establish contact with employers and other employees. Therefore, the job involves various legal relations.

Dealing with clients involves agreements that must be respected and upheld. Various contracts are signed among which are those that give instructions to sell property, while others are for valuation services undertaking. Every party of the contract is obliged to fulfill their part of the promise. In case one party fails to undertake their obligations or tries to renege on an agreement, legal proceedings would be commenced to address the matter. As a result, it is impossible to escape justice. Such policy promotes economic growth which is essential for the economy of a state or country.

Another essential part of any business is a relationship between employees and employers. It is everyone’s duty to uphold the law regulating the relationship with the management. Thus, statutes condition the manner in which employers and employees are supposed to handle various matters in case they arise. What is more, such statutes as OSHA give guidelines on the responsibilities of an employer in the provision of a safe working environment. Hence, these regulations offer guidance in case of breach of contract by any party. In addition, this helps whenever redress is sought by the aggrieved party.

Employees are also bound by the laws governing the land since they relate to each other at the workplace. Under criminal law, no one is supposed to commit a crime against other person. In case an employee, employer, or third party commits an offence against the law, the state has powers to institute proceedings for the delivery of justice. Therefore, it is common knowledge that the law has a big role in the society.

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