June 25, 2024

Seedbox vs VPN: Which One to Use for Torrenting

Internet is more of a public place now and privacy while browsing online can be difficult to achieve. However, the good news is some tools offer this privacy and you can use them for anonymous browsing.

The two most common among them are VPN and Seedbox. However, they are completely different technologies created for different purposes. So, if you want to find out which one to use, particularly for torrenting, here, we have provided a comparison.

In short, a VPN will mask your IP and show the IP of the VPN server to anyone trying to track you. A top seedbox, on the other hand, is built especially for seeding torrents and also provides security, and along with it, great speed and several other excellent features.

So, which one to use for torrenting? Let’s find out.

What is a VPN?

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a network created by the client-server communication. Though they are advertised as internet security and privacy tools, they were not originally built for these purposes.

VPNs were designed to meet situations where there would be a need for virtually extending private networks to a distant geographical location. For example, if some office had its branch in a different geographical location, they could use a VPN to safely transfer data across public networks, like the internet.

Mechanisms like IPSec, SSL-VPN, OpenVPN, etc. encrypt the data and the VPN you are using is thus able to create a secure communication channel between the client and the remote server.

VPN for Torrenting

VPNs, as we now know create a secured virtual network between you and the server. Geographical restrictions do not apply to VPNs and thus many people use it for unblocking geographically restricted content, bypassing censorship, safe torrenting, and more.

When you connect to a VPN, you’ll be using the VPN server’s IP address and thus anyone trying to track any activity will direct them to that IP address. VPNs are a great way for making you completely private on your LAN, and your local ISP.

So, VPNs are surely a secure way for torrenting. But with VPN service providers all around the globe with servers almost in every country, you need to ensure certain things before you select a VPN for torrenting.

  • Make sure the VPN you choose allow torrenting. Because VPN service providers with servers in countries with strict data regulations may not allow you to torrent. If one of their IPs get identified with copyright infringements, they will probably be able to connect you to that using the logs.
  • Ensure that the VPN you select doesn’t keep logs. If that’s not the case, if the provider can track you, then it’s not safe torrenting anymore.

What is a Seedbox?

A seedbox is a server, most of the time hired via a cloud-managed service, specifically designed to seed torrents. Private trackers (close torrenting communities) often demand a high sharing ratio from its members. Meaning sometimes you have to upload more than you download.

A top seedbox, coming with a high-processing server makes this task easy and you just need to keep the seedbox on for 24×7 and it will do the job of uploading and downloading multiple torrents.

Additionally, seedboxes come with high storage. Even with a cheap seedbox, you’ll get a lot of storage space to download and save digital files.

Seedboxes are servers with different IP addresses than your home connection and thus you can torrent safely and anonymously. The best seedbox providers also allow you to create your own VPN service.

Seedbox for Torrenting

Seedbox services provide everything you need for safe and ultra-fast torrenting. From torrent clients, VPN server/client, sync, and FTP sharing tools, the best seedbox services come with all these and more included.

Seedboxes are tailored for torrenting and with the fully independent servers running, you don’t have to worry about speed, space, or seeding ratio.

VPN vs Seedbox: Final Pick

VPNs and seedboxes are completely different technologies and built for different purposes. Though many use VPNs as a tool for safe and secure torrenting, you’ll not get anything else from VPNs apart from masking your IP.

With some VPNs, you might even be found in their logs and thus that safety factor will not apply to them.

Seedboxes, on the other hand, are made for torrenting and if you are more serious about torrenting, you’ll do well if you opt for one. Even with a cheap seedbox, you’ll get complete security and safety and enormous speeds on top of that.

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