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While many believe wrinkles are the primary skin problems in the aging process many are more worried about other things like the uneven tone of their skin. Age spots and uneven skin texture may actually make you look older than the appearance of crow’s-feet and fine lines. Although many products claim to improve the appearance, tone and increase luminosity, they could be harsh or dry for people with sensitive skin. This is why we’re thrilled about this ingredient for skin brightening that is suitable for all types of skin.

What Is Alpha Arbutin?

Arbutin is a natural brightening agent for the skin that can be present in many plants, including blueberry, marjoram, cranberry and a variety of pear species. Alpha Arbutin is the chemically synthesized version which is utilized in a variety of skincare products. Alpha Arbutin blocks melanin’s production (the pigment that gives the color of your skin) which makes it an effective brightener for your skin. According to studies, Alpha Arbutin is 10X more effective in reducing the activity of tyrosinase than natural Arbutin.

How Does Alpha Arbutin Work On The Skin?

Arbutin is often compared with other milder brighteners such as Kojic acid and the licorice root. However, it’s much more potent than the other ingredients. It is an ingredient of hydroquinone which is thought to be among the most potent skin-lightening, best skin whitening serum and spot-fading ingredients on the market. The way Alpha Arbutin performs in the face:

Alpha Arbutin works like hydroquinone, thanks to the molecular structures however, it is less irritating and melano cytotoxicity. Alpha Arbutin only causes minimal sensitization or irritation and is a much better alternative to hydroquinone. Alpha Arbutin is an inhibitor of the competitive enzyme tyrosinase. It can also inhibit the maturation of melanosomes. This is significant since it is involved in two distinct ways of pigmentation.

Melanin is made by the amino acid tyrosine. The conversion process is controlled by the enzyme known as tyrosinase. Alpha Arbutin shares a structure to tyrosine and integrates into tyrosinase, which is required to regulate melanogenesis. Alpha Arbutin competes in a reverse manner with tyrosine on the enzyme but it does not obstruct cell viability, and it is, therefore, not cytotoxic. By targeting tyrosinase, which is the melanin-making enzyme that is the rate-limiting one and slowing production of the organelles which produce melanin, the Alpha Arbutin has the potential to be an effective skin-whitening agent.

Benefits of Alpha Arbutin

1. Lightens Dark Spots

When your skin cells that produce pigment come into contact with ultraviolet light the tyrosinase enzyme gets activated, however Alpha Arbutin stops this reaction. Through blocking tyrosinase it is able to lighten dark spots and decrease their appearance to prevent them from growing in the initial place. Alpha Arbutin can be utilized regularly as a preventative measure against acne scarring and age spots.

2. Lightens Acne Scars

Alpha Arbutin is among the most effective ingredients to treat acne scars, specifically for those who have skin that is sensitive to chemical exfoliates. The low concentration is the best way to use Alpha Arbutin to lighten pigmentation. Although Alpha Arbutin works very well at thinning acne scars, it’s best to use it in combination with other products, such as chemical exfoliates or vitamin C serums for the most effective results.

3. Even Out the Skin Tone

Alpha Arbutin is a safe choice for all skin tones because it doesn’t alter the color of the skin; it simply smoothes your skin. It also brightens darker areas that are visible on your skin (mainly due to sun damages and hyperpigmentation) which results in a natural and even skin tone.

4. Skin Brightening

It is a natural ingredient for skin brightening which targets hyperpigmentation as well as dark spots to reveal younger skin. It doesn’t permanently bleach your skin, but it helps to brighten your skin by reducing melanin production.

5. Treating Melasma

Melasma is a complaint that is common in pregnant women that leads to the appearance of brown spots on the face as a result of hormonal changes. Due to its brightening properties for skin, Alpha Arbutin is shown to reduce the severity of these spots. If you’re pregnant, consult your physician prior to using Alpha Arbutin.

Who Should Consider Using Alpha Arbutin?

Arbutin is generally thought to be safe for all types of skin. Arbutin is especially beneficial for darker skin that is more susceptible to hyperpigmentation because it contains more melanin. If you’re trying to reduce hyperpigmentation caused by sun acne scarring, Melasma, or smoothing out uneven skin tone it is your preferred ingredient. Also, Arbutin is suitable for people with sensitive skin since the active ingredient that is Arbutin gets released gradually. In addition, when compared to other ingredients with more aggressive properties like peels and acids Alpha Arbutin can be considered to be a safer option.

 How Should You Use it?

Alpha Arbutin is the principal ingredient in a variety of products for skin lightening, such as serums, creams, facial washes, gels, and lotions. Since it’s safe to use for delicate skin types, it is able to be applied twice daily every morning and then in the evening. It can be applied to clean dry skin, after washing and toning, but before applying any heavy sunscreens or moisturizers. Be aware that you can apply it along with other ingredients that lighten the skin such as chemical peels, retinol, and chemical peels along with other serums and creams which have Vitamin C and AHAs to increase its effectiveness.

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