Steps to Pack Surfboard for Travel

Packing your surfboard for traveling is a tedious task. You must pay attention to the fact that the airplane crew does not care about luggage safety. All they need is to load the luggage as soon as possible. This is why it is important to pack the board safely before traveling. If you will follow the above steps, you can avoid the potential damage.

Here is a detail step-by-step guide on how to pack a surfboard for travel, have a look below;

Choose an Appropriate Sized Board Bag

  • The first and foremost step is the selection of the board bag. It is recommended that you must buy a bag that is six inches longer than the actual board size. The additional space will provide enough room for cushioning and will save the corners of the boards from being damaged.
  • There are also some types of surfboard bags that can accommodate more than one board. If you need to carry two or more, you can safely carry them in one board bag with compartments.
  • Make sure to buy a bag with thick padding as there are numerous types of bags available online.
  • Board bags with wheels are pretty easy to carry and convenient for traveling. It is recommended that you always choose a bag with wheels so that you can easily bring it with you throughout the airport. You can buy such bags from Surface2Air Sports.
  • Mostly surfers choose the plastic bags as they provide maximum protection, however, they are also bulky and heavy to carry along.

Remove the Board Fins

The next step is to remove the fins from the board and pack them inside the bag while traveling. Make sure to keep the keys with the fins before packing the bag.

Remove the Wax

It is important to remove the old wax from the board as it will meltdown if you are heading to a tropical area.

Apply the Foam Pipe Insulation

It is also an important step in the packing of a surfboard. you should cut off a foam pipe and place it around the railings with duct tape. It will secure the insulation from edges. You can buy surfing accessories and surfboards online as there are many reputed surfboard manufacturers who are offering them online.

Protecting the Most Sensitive Areas of Board

  • Nose and tail are the most ding prone areas of the board that must be secure effectively. As you have used the pipe insulation for rails, you can also use it for safeguarding the nose and tail.
  • Bubble wrap is also a good choice since it is lightweight and protects the board from getting dings.
  • Another option is to place the items around the board which you are already traveling with such as towels, wet suits, and clothes. This way, you can minimize the luggage while utilizing the space and cushioning the board as well.
  • Pack the board in one big bubble wrap bag if needed. It is another layer of protection that will save the whole board from scratches and dirt.

Placing the Board into Bag

  • The final step is to place the board into the bag. It is optional if you want to keep additional clothes or accessories in the bag to provide an extra bit of more cushion and protection.
  • If you are packing more than one board, place them according to their size. Put the larger one at the bottom and place the others in the same direction one by one. This alternative is just a choice, as packing each board separately takes time and effort. However, you can also pack them separately if you need them.
  • Make sure to write “fragile” on the board bag. This is all done. Now you can relax and stay cool on the plane.

By following above mentioned points, you can have a wonderful trip without worrying about the damage of your surfboard!

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