Tele – Calling Etiquettes

Calling Etiquettes

Tele-calling is one of the sales techniques widely followed almost in all sales/marketing driven products and services. The concept gained its importance in late 2000 where numerous financial products such as credit cards, CASA (current and savings account opening), insurance, stock trading, etc gained its momentum during the period. Getting four-five such telemarketing calls was a common practice with every individual. A similar incident occurred with our previous finance minister Pranab Mukharjee, while he was in the middle of discussions in the parliament. It was a call from a finance company who had called to offer him a home loan. This incident raised an alarm and therefore the telemarketing rules & concept of DND – Do Not Disturb was tightened.

All companies with sales and marketing have a code of conduct in the various selling tactics which is a must to follow. Below mentioned is the general tele-calling etiquettes that must be followed by all tele-marketers.

1) The prospect is contacted only when the call is not expected to inconvenience him / her.

2) The telephonic contact to the prospect should normally be limited to the prescribed calling timings of the company i.e. the working hours of the company= broadly between 930 hrs to 1900 hrs.

3) A tele-marketing executive (TME) can call the prospect on any other time other than the prescribed time above only when the prospect authorizes him to do so either in writing or verbal.

4)TME should not mislead or make any false / unauthorized commitment on behalf of company for any facility/service.

5) TME must ensure that the prospect registered under DND registry is not to be called.

6) A TME must provide his and his company’s identity to the prospect when called at first place. Pleasant words of greeting can prove to be of important to give a good start for the conversation.

7) A TME must request permission from prospect to proceed further- If denied permission should apologize and politely disconnect the call.

8) As a general rule the purpose of the call must be specified by TME.

9) A TME should always offer to call back on landline, if a call is made to a prospect on his cellular number.

10) TME must inculcate communication etiquettes of non-interruption & non argument. He is expected to talk in the language which is most comfortable to the prospect.

11) The TME must keep his conversation limited only to its business matters.

12) A TME must be trained properly to understand the need of the prospect and his terms/conditions if he plans to buy product/services from the TME.

13) The TME must provide details of his superior to the prospects if he asks for.

14) On a closing note over conversation a TME must thank the prospect for his time and reconfirm him for the next call or next visit details & later once again greeting him to end the call.

15) A TME must not call the prospect for the next 3 months with the same offer if he has expressed lack of interest for the offering by TME.

But with the increasing competition in the field of sales and marketing the tele-calling etiquettes seem to have lost its presence to the aggressive selling style, impatience and impolite behaviour of the telemarketer’s team and their TMEs. Moreover with easy online platforms with many products & services coming to us at a single-click, the ratio of multiple calling has also found its way, because the terms of use and the privacy policy of the online platform mentions so.

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