May 26, 2024

The Power of Animated Explainer Videos

The Power of Animated Explainer Videos – some things to think about

It is no top-secret that video is one of the most effective and powerful marketing tools for any business. If you are imagining your business at night and are thinking of the ways to show how your business handles a particular problem, one great option may be the use of an animated explainer video, educational video, or branding video. We do work through each step with you. Our custom animated explainer videos are the ideal way to get your story expressed.

Explainer video targeting unique problems

Explainer videos are often utilized to target one unique problem and are usually in a fun, cartoon style. It is important to make sure they are amusing to watch and to make them interested in the first ten seconds, to make sure they continue to watch a video and stay on the page.

Explainer videos are often sixty to ninety seconds short, marketing and informative, PR and sales usually utilize them for business presentations, website landing pages, video websites, and on social media. You need to focus on designing and executing a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy with your animated explainer video to get your website more noticeable. You can utilize your explainer video anywhere you wish, including in your emails to your email list and other emails. Seeing really is believing especially when it comes to information processing.

People today have shorter attention spans

We frequently work with people like Sales, CEO’s, and Managing Directors. While there are a lot of ways to market your animated business explainer video, when you make them, you could follow some basic principles. Again, it is significant to ponder that today people do have shorter and shorter attention spans. That is why it is ideal to keep the explainer video short. For instance, sixty seconds and no longer than two minutes.

Delivering an easy to understand message

Be sure the animated explainer video script is clear and without anything that is not important. Try and provide the message in a method that is easy to direct and understand. Hiring a skillful and well-experienced scriptwriter for your explainer video can be a good option if you are not a professional scriptwriter. Often our customers have experience of scriptwriting and need to write the script in-house. We assist them in reviewing the script as part of the work we do. The script is even more significant than the design, animations, and visuals. If the script is not good, even having the best designs and animations are not enough.

Using bespoke, custom made designs

There are many other vital aspects to ponder for what makes a really great explainer video, an amazing explainer video: The usage of bespoke designs, animations, and illustrations. If you utilize custom animations and graphics, made from scratch, you do not risk to lower your business brand. That is why we only do a hundred percent bespoke graphics, animations, and illustrations. We do everything in-house, even the backgrounds, character designs, all components – everything!

The significance of standing out from the crowd

It permits you to stand out from the crowd. Visitors recall other explainer videos and designs they have watched before. Yes, there are create-your-own-video companies, they utilize the same re-used characters, designs, styles and they utilize drag-and-drop and templates. That will swiftly make you look like other businesses and I’m certain that is not what you actually desire. We recommend you to do all you possibly can to be unique, different, and noticeable from the crowd.

Why we have chosen to stay a small studio

If you require for instance a landing page video, we would suggest utilizing a small, different, experienced freelancer or agency that makes everything hundred percent from scratch, at an affordable price. Not a studio that outsources the production to another country or are utilizing images again and working from characters and templates or stock artwork. We need the real thing, we need to work directly with the production/talent, and we need to be unique and different. What about you?

We love to be contacted and this is how

The Power of Animated Explainer Videos is strong. We would love to hear from you and if you intend to work with us, to wherever you belong in the world, we hope you discover our portfolio of great videos and you wish to hire us. You can interact with us utilizing the Live Chat. Or you can leave a line with contact details, or you can utilize the simple form on the contact page to tell what you are interested in when you want it, and what budget you have for the project. We give you an explainer video service quote for free.

People say the way is unique and different and we are proud to be a bit quirky

There are many companies that make explainer videos, however, we are often told that we are different and that our work is unique and beautiful. We do stand out because we do not need to give the same style as the usual standard explainers.

We are a cartoon production companies specifying in animated explainer videos. Please keep us in mind if you require any assistance now or in the future with making an explainer video, whiteboard explainer videos, or cartoon video explainers.

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