The Things You Want To Know About The SAT

Recently, there has been a rather dramatic change in the content and scoring of the SAT exam. But what is SAT? It is an entrance exam that is popularly used by the universities and colleges for admission purposes. It is basically a multiple choice question based examination that is conducted in an offline method i.e. the pencil and paper mostly. The main purpose of the SAT is mainly to measure if a high school candidate is prepared for college. It makes sure to give all the colleges a particular point based on which they initiate the admission of a candidate.

The college officials will review the high school GPA along with the SAT scores, recommendation letter from teachers, extra-curricular activities etc., to select a candidate. The importance of the SAT scores usually varies from school to school. But it is true that, the SAT scores are not the ultimate predictor of a candidate’ success. Sometimes, we may not even find any actual difference between candidates who submit their SAT scores and those who don’t. Still, appearing for this test is preferred by most for which they depend on SAT coaching in Ahmedabad other places for getting admission in some of the top colleges.

When to take the SAT and its contents

The SAT is usually taken by the high school students during their junior year in order to get admission into well-known top colleges for graduation. Many of them re-take the test if the standardized test score does not satisfy them and they want to raise it before they go on to apply to a college. The SAT is conducted every year nationally during the month of August, October, November, December, March, May and June.

Coming to the contents of the SAT, it has two sections mainly as follows:

  • The mathematics section
  • Reading and writing based on evidence

It also includes an essay section and these essay scores are declared separately from the overall test scores. While you may think that it may not be necessary to give the essay part but there are some colleges who would need your essay scores as well. You should always confirm with the colleges’ admission policies or have both the scores ready as suggested by the SAT coaching in Ahmedabad and other since you never know when you would need them.

Tests like SAT are somewhat difficult and demand a lot of practice. You literally have to give time to different concepts. If you are a lot more acquainted with one segment of the test and you are confident that you can tackle it; do invest your time in the zones that sound difficult to you. Find out your weaknesses and strengths and when you know it; devote proper time to all the segments. Time management have an important role to play in the preparation of these tests.

The duration of the SAT examination is 3 hours and if you attend the Sat along with the essay then the duration will be of 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Each section of this standardized test is scored on a scale of 200 to 800. The sum of your section scores will become your total score. The most probable highest score of this standardized test is almost 1600 and there will be a separate score if you attend the essay test.

Similarly, if you are stressed about any questions or the entire test, make sure that you stay focused and keep your breath in control. Do not panic and simply concentrate. You can do it in a much better way once you keep your mind calm.

As already mentioned, the SAT is not the sole predictor of your success but other factors matters too. It just keeps you out of the rejection pile. So a good score does keep you safe for the admission purposes.

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