Tips to Save Money with Plumbing Maintenance


The maintenance of plumbing systems is very important as it allows you to preserve the efficiency of the system. Avoid malfunctions and increase energy savings. Let’s see why it is important to carry out maintenance on the plumbing and other systems in the house to increase energy savings

Home systems maintenance!

Performing periodic maintenance of plumbing systems.  But in general of home systems, such as boiler and air conditioning systems,.  It provides various benefits, especially related to the possibility of optimizing the home system.  Keep it clean and efficient. Having an efficient and optimized system allows us to obtain significant energy savings which translates into a reduction in the cost of bills.

Furthermore, by carrying out periodic checks and maintenance.  It will be easier and faster to detect any problems or malfunctions before they become too serious, forcing us in the worst case to replace the entire system.  An operation much more expensive than a simple overhaul. Carrying out maintenance on the water system therefore allows us to keep our home efficient, optimize consumption Avoid unnecessary waste of water, and increase living comfort.


Maintenance operations, i.e. interventions aimed at preserving the functionality of a system. It is divided into ordinary and extraordinary. The goal of routine maintenance of the hydraulic system is to ensure its efficiency and correct operation.  Without modifying or improving its performance. Not being particularly complex interventions.  Many routine maintenance jobs are do-it-yourself, such as cleaning the drain or replacing a faucet.

On the contrary, the extraordinary maintenance of the hydraulic system aims to improve the system itself.  It is not necessarily linked to urgent problems. To carry out these modernization operations it is always advisable to rely on a qualified expert.


Our domestic plumbing system also requires periodic maintenance checks.  So as to preserve its efficiency. It prevent possible breakdowns or malfunctions. Carrying out periodic maintenance of the plumbing system allows us to save energy and reduce the cost of the bill: the presence of limestone deposited in the pipes can lead to an increase in energy consumption of up to 20%. Consequently, helps to increase the bill of the ‘water.

To always keep our plumbing system efficient.  It is a good idea to regularly clean the external parts.  An operation that we can carry out independently and will allow us to keep clean all those elements. 

Remaining constantly in contact with water, are more exposed. to the formation of germs and bacteria. Here are some plumbing tips you should know

Let’s see what operations need to be done to carry out maintenance of the do-it-yourself plumbing system:

  • Let the water flow for a few moments before using it (particularly important if the pipe has been closed for some time);
  • Unscrew the tap filters and immerse them in an anti-limescale solution so as to prevent the formation of germs and blockage of the pipes;
  • Never throw corrosive products into drains as they could irreparably damage the internal pipes.  With the risk of having to redo the entire system;
  • To check for any water leaks.  Close all the pipes and check that the water meter remains stationary;
  • Make sure that the vent pipes positioned on terraces or balconies are not clogged or damaged.

Things you should know before buying a Home!

When moving to a new home, an important thing to do is to check the correct functioning of the systems.  It is necessary to check the water heating and air conditioning systems. While those who move think about the paperwork required for a move.  The experts will check that there are no anomalies in the systems.

For the practices: if we are about to move to a newly built house, without a gas meter and electricity.  We will have to apply for a utility connection. If, on the other hand, the meter is already present but has been deactivated by the previous tenant.  We will have to call the toll-free number of the supplier and apply for a takeover of electricity and gas. Before installing a home internet connection, we will need to check the fiber coverage at the new home and then proceed to compare the fiber offers best suited to the connection needs.

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