Top FAQs on PhD Degree in India

FAQs on PhD Degree

PhD is the highest educational program in India. Having a PhD degree is a matter of proud for anyone in the Indian society. According to ones specialization one can pursue the program. For example, if you have a master degree in Hindi, you can have the PhD degree in Hindi. Below are some top FAQs asked by those interested in getting a PhD degree?

What is the duration of a PhD program in India?

Duration of a PhD degree is 2 years minimum and there is no maximum time limit. The course requires writing a thesis on a topic. It is all about contributing your knowledge to the world. The thesis is written under the guidance of a faculty. It may take many years if you are not consistent and focused. Set the target to complete your PhD in maximum 2 years.

How does a doctoral degree rewarded in India?

It is based on the quality of your thesis which you produced at the end of the degree. Submit the thesis internally which may need correction and resubmission before allowing you to look forward to an external examination. Once the university gives a node to your thesis, it will be examined orally by one or more external examiners. it is known as the ‘open defense.’

How much is it required to pursue a PhD program?

It is not easy to say, but the fee structure is depended on the university and the region you are pursuing PhD program in India. Though, it is comparatively cheaper than other nations.

How to apply for a PhD program?

Getting PhD admission is not as easy as it seems. Candidates with having a master degree in a subject with minimum 55% can apply to the program. Candidates need to have the necessary language skills. For example, they should know Hindi or English which is a part of teaching a subject.

What is the Research Eligibility Test?

It is best known as RET which is an eligibility test conducted by the university to assess your suitability for a doctoral program. The written exam aims to confirm that you have the necessary subject knowledge to go ahead for the advanced PhD degree.

Do I need to pass more tests after RET?

Since it is an advanced program which gives you the prestigious doctoral degree, PhD admission process is not simple. The next step is passing an interview. It is to know your interests, if any work experience, you aim and your knowledge. Here your document can also verify.

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