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Top 10 Funny Rakhi Gift Ideas for Siblings

Funny Rakhi Gift Ideas

Do you know why rakhi is special? Do you know why is it celebrated? Because of the purity of love and devotion they share, the brother-sister bond has an unrefined shine. Their sisters are constantly loved and protected by their brothers!

It’s that time of year again, with Rakhi just around the corner: brothers or sisters are seeking the right gift online. The market is filled with a huge variety of Rakhis, be it cartoon rakhis, customized rakhi, designer rakhi, abstract printed rakhi. Even sisters are also seen buying bracelet rakhi online. Thanks to online shopping, you can now easily get your Rakhi delivered to any corner of the globe.

Wondering what Rakhi gifts to give each other?

This Rakshabandhan has a blast with comical products designed just to deceive her. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a funny gift to torment your sibling.

Awesome Funny Rakhi Gift Ideas

Let’s get started

1.      Fake poop:

This one takes the cake, or to be more precise, the shit! It’s one of those pranks you’ve wanted to do on her for a long time. Purchase a piece of garbage for her! At the very least, one made of rubber will be harmless. It doesn’t smell exactly like a genuine thing, but the color and texture are pretty close. Anyone who sees this phony poop will recoil in horror. Presenting her with this in a gift-wrapped paper with Happy Raksha Bandhan written on it would be a fantastic idea. If you’re planning on committing this prank, we also offer the service of personalized, handwritten messages. 

2.      Dead Lizard:

Do you know someone who would sooner die than be near a reptile? Prank them by hiding a faux lizard (that looks anything but fake) inside a unique box. It is one of the pranks to do with no one getting hurt and no actual animal getting harmed. The jump, laughter, and fun cannot be escaped with this prank. 

3.      Pig Mug:

Consider the Pig Mug if you’re seeking unique presents. It’s a plain white coffee cup with the words “I am…” printed on it. What she won’t notice is the pig’s snout on the bottom of her cup. You now have a better understanding of how this works. This mischievous ceramic coffee cup will undoubtedly tickle your funny bone at first, but it may also break some real bones later! Purchase this for your sister or brother and show her all you’ve always wanted her to know. And enjoy a good laugh with this unique gift. 

4.      Funny Cat/ Funny Dog Phone Covers:

This design, we believe, gives every other iPhone case a thumbs down! If she enjoys cats, she’ll adore this. He will like dogs much more if he already loves them. This 3D silicone kitten or dog, which comes in a variety of colors, will give her iPhone a new look. With this hilarious merchandise, reclaim your status as the cool brother or sister. 

5.      Funny Ceramic Mug Describing Each Other:

A true sister or brother is made up of numerous components, from eye-rolling to texting, and from sarcasm to a loudmouth. But, regardless of how annoying he or she is, you still love each other unconditionally, which is what makes her so priceless. This Raksha Bandhan show love to each other with nutritional statistics which are relatable to each other. 

6. Hairy Guy Fanny Pack:

Is your sister or brother constantly attempting to shed some pounds? Gift her this Hairy Guy Fanny Pack for a humorous surprise! It has an adjustable buckle, so it fits people of all sizes. It’s also quite large and can hold quite a bit of belonging. Double the laughter in the house this Raksha Bandhan with this creative and out-of-the-box gift for your sister or brother. 

7.      Poop Emoji Slippers:

Do you know what makes winters so terrifying? It’s the sensation of landing your bare feet on the icy floor that sends shivers down your spine. These plush poop slippers are intended to save you from such tragedies and help you go into hibernation mode. Feel the warmth of the winter in these adorable cushioned slippers and keep the frost at bay. At Raksha Bandhan, it’s amusing for both of them to share a good chuckle. 

8.      Coffee Mug: Anger Management:

Sisters’ tempers have a lot of ramifications for the brothers. We’re very sure you’ve been terrorized a few times when she turned into a mini-anger monster and vice versa. Tease his or her hot temper this Rakhi by giving them this Anger Management Coffee Mug. It is hand-painted on ceramic and can hold up to 12 ounces of drink. Give her or them this 3D mug as a reminder that she or he is a formidable opponent. 

9.      Notebook to update dates:

With the Dates updated journal, we can probe into our sister’s or brother’s non-existent dating life. This A5-sized, 192-ruled-page notepad is a hilarious present for someone who spends most of their time alone. 

10.  3D Emoji Mugs:

We use these emojis daily, almost instinctively. They’re even considered a new language by some. So much so that in 2015, one of them was named the Oxford word of the year! After all, actions and reactions speak louder than words, so use your emoji to communicate with your siblings. A terrific present for anyone, since, let’s face it, who doesn’t use emojis in 2021?

So, what are you waiting for? Your sister might be quite happy while gifting you the Kundan rakhi online for your brother. But you can take the entire Raksha Bandhan celebration a notch higher, with these fun gift ideas. Do not waste any more time and hurry before these items become out of store.

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