June 16, 2024
Top remote collaboration tools

Top Remote Collaboration Tools

Work from home or remote work is the new normal in pandemic times across the world. Businesses were forced to restrict their movements and remote work became the norm! Effective communication between officials & team members has been the point of concern in these times and thus new remote collaboration tools became popular.

Are you looking to collaborate with team members related to business finances? Remote cloud accounting solutions will be the solution for it! You get all kinds of remote collaboration tools to share business data in a safe environment.

It was about time that business adapts to new forms of technology and trying out a new collaboration tool for the startup is a good idea. Nature has forced us to work & collaborate remotely and thus technology will play a crucial part in it! Even the individual workers or employees can adapt to some kind of remote collaboration tool to make their communication flawless with clients. This guest post is highlighting the use of remote work collaboration tools & also the most popular ones in the market.

A recent report suggests that by late summer 2020, more than 50% of the businesses in the U.K. and U.S have downloaded new remote collaboration tools for smoother functioning. Remote working has its challenges when it comes to effective collaboration. It is hard to remain connected & fix problems when the team members are not in the same office. Also, it is hard to convince the entire team to move to technology easily.

But, a remote collaboration tool in 2021 is the need of the hour! With office-based work moving indoors, it is important to have the right type of communication tool installed in the systems. First, understand the need for remote work collaboration and then go through the top collaboration tools in use today.

How do Businesses Benefit from Remote Work Collaboration?

Remote work collaboration is the key to success for businesses operating remotely! Officials need to engage as a team from anywhere in the world to participate in teamwork. You need a secured environment or medium to collaborate with other individuals remotely. Remote collaboration is not limited to physical space, but also includes aspects like size & different skill levels of the team members.

A successful business strategy today will need the involvement of remote collaboration tools as businesses are active remotely. Here is a look at some of the top benefits of remote collaboration tool –

It saves time. Time is money for businesses and the right kind of communication in remote work culture will help get the desired business motives.

It strengthens team relationships. A business team is a close-knit unit and building effective relationships even in remote workstations is vital for overall success.

It results in better organization. When you’re in the middle of a project, it is easy for things to go missing. Building a better organization is a mix of different things and the best remedy is to use collaboration to improve the organization.

Improve your team’s productivity & keep a track of the daily ongoing within the team by using a trusted collaboration tool. Remote communication & collaboration is helping in bridges the distance between team members and contributing to the overall business productivity.

Before selecting any particular kind of tool it is important to understand its benefits and then make the decision accordingly. The important thing to mandate is to look for a team member on board for the right suggestions.

Top Remote Collaboration Tools for 2021

The right type of remote collaboration tool is the thing to savior when it comes to businesses retaining profits. We will now provide you details of the best collaboration tools in use but the selection of a perfect one for the business will depend on the requirements. The pandemic times have taught us to be more proactive with our decisions and thus select a relevant remote collaboration tool for the business.


The first tool on the list is Monday.com and it helps in the collaboration of team members for effective project management. It is becoming popular in quick time and has all the high-valued features required for business collaboration. Businesses can work freely on the software and save time by the effective collaboration of teams.

The tool can be easily integrated with applications like Gmail, Jira, Trello, Slack, Google Drive, and more. It has features like tracking of due dates, PipeDrive integration, activity logging, user access controls, surveys, and more. The subscription of the software starts with $39/month and the businesses also get a free trial of the software before buying.


The next popular tool in the list is ProofHub and is built for the management of large teams. It is one of the most amazing tools that are available for businesses at a great price. Businesses use this remote collaboration tool to connect with individuals & business officials. The paid subscription of the tool starts at $45/month and a free trial is also available for the software.

The key features of the remote collaboration tool include Gantt Charts, chats, calendar management, project notes, templates, collaboration, and more. Select the right kind of collaboration tool to ensure safe communication among team members.


This is third on the list and one of the top-rated online proofing solutions helping teams to coordinate their work perfectly. Make sure that your work is reviewed correctly by the concerned team members & approved correctly. It is the platform enabling colleagues & clients to comment on annotations on a real-time basis. Filestage is streamlining tasks with customized workflows & task automation. It is easy to manage the reviews and speed up the approvals for proper use of the tool.

The pricing starts at $89 per month and a free trial is available to check its functions. The key features include download files, share files, one-click approvals, customized projects, real-time collaboration, threaded comments, due dates, task & workflow automation, and more.


It is also a top-rated remote collaboration tool with suitable results for internal communication among the team members & higher officials. It is a fast-acting app that takes care of all the communication needs and works as a knowledge-based platform. Customer retention is a big part of service-related businesses and it is the tool to ensure proper communication with clients on the same platform.

The key features of the tool include active monitoring, chat transfers, client website integration, contact database, customized fields, chat tags, history, behavior tracking, email marketing, and more. The paid subscription starts from &15.00 per month and a free trial are on offer by the tool.


Dropbox is one of the top software when it comes to storing data on the cloud. It has around half a billion users across the world and still is one of the most affordable online storage solutions in the market. The efficiency of the tool makes it a hit among SMBs in the lockdown and the popularity has risen multi-folds in the last 2 years.

The paid subscription is starting at $11.35/month and a free trial is available of the tool. The key features include activity audit, file storage, team folder management, AES encryption security, enterprise mobility management, and more.

Final Thoughts!

The above-mentioned tools are just to name a few in the top charts. The right type of remote collaboration tool in 2021 will help your business gain profits & also streamline communication. Remote working is going to be the norm for some time now & adapting to a reliable remote collaboration tool will be a good idea. Almost all the collaboration tools are providing a free trial to test the functionalities. Select the type of remote collaboration tool that will save time for teams & earn the right benefits for businesses.

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