June 20, 2024

Traditional educational institutions

Sierra Leone is bordered by the Republic of Guinea to the northwest, northwest and north-east, to the southeast by the Republic of Liberia and to the southwest by the Atlantic Ocean. It covers an area of ​​27,925 square kilometers. The state of Sierra Leone began in 1787 with the sale and signing of land by local chiefs, the English settlers being the home of the inhabitants of Africa, the wives of London. On August 21, 1896, the interior was declared British protected territory. Sierra Leone gained independence on April 27, 1961 and became a republic in 1971. Education is provided by private and state-sponsored schools. The current education system is 6-3-4-4 (i.e. six years of primary school, 3 years of junior high school, 4 years of high school and 4 years of higher / higher education. This system is supplemented by informal education.

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Recognition of education

Education is often used in the sense of teaching in a classroom, laboratory, workshop, or home science room, and primarily consists of teacher-student and student-student information, mental and physical skills. School education has a broader meaning than advice. Tells the story of what happened at school as part of a student’s life. This includes relationships between students and teachers, students and students at the school. JS Mill (1931) means that anything helps to shape a person; Preventing a person from being who he or she is or not is part of his or her knowledge. Secret knowledge exists in life and everywhere; It has all the effects that a person can have from birth to death. It has a house, neighbors and a street.

Education, to a certain extent, is a process designed and implemented by the principal, which must include the student’s specific information, skills, mind and body, as well as behavior. This is partly the student’s response to the environment in which he or she lives. There are three main points in education: the person/person influenced by the director; It is the society or society that exists; The whole context of the reality in which the individual and society play a role. Man is a social being; It grows as an individual through the influence of the individual; She also relies on the support and cooperation of other men and women for her basic physical needs. The mutual help and experience provided by society and civilization cannot be enriched, and according to Hobbes, human life is “lonely, poor, evil, cruel, and short.”

One of the main foundations of human life is the stability between the attraction of the past and the impetus for the future, and the tension between tradition and innovation. In order to succeed, a person needs to have a safe place, trust, and relationships. This also applies to society. In order for it to function effectively, it must maintain its identity as a society, maintaining the continuity of traditions and ideologies that protect it from the different effects of change. Change must be for life, not static, but this difference must be governed by the basic traditions of society. Tradition gives the nation a character and uniqueness as a society. That is why it is so important to preserve the tradition.

It has long been recognized that the preservation of traditional knowledge should play an important role in the development of the child. Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults; Therefore, they must be taught to inherit and preserve the beliefs and lifestyles that are specific to a particular community. Every society has a desire to share not only the physical, but also the set goals, ideals, and patterns of behavior as a society. This type of education should not be formalized in schools through classroom lessons, but directly through the family, as well as under the influence of social influences and customs that cannot affect the child. In Sierra Leone, this social education included a wide range of opening ceremonies, among them boys and girls, endurance to prove that they are suitable for society. The main goal is to create a person who is honest, respectful, talented, cooperative and adaptable to the social order of the day. As Aristotle once said, “If education is neglected, the state constitution will be harmed. Citizens of the state must always be educated according to the constitution.”

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