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We can all agree that travel documentaries are mesmerizing. It captures the quintessence of travelling to unknown destinations, meeting new people, dwelling in different cultures and seeing the world for it is.  With all that said, add motorbikes to the mix and it becomes more fun. Motorbike travel documentaries are on a whole new level, because it’s like travelling with the rider to surreal destinations when you watch. You are experiencing the rider’s journey, in raw full closure!  Here are the best motorbike travel documentaries to binge on, presented by Hoopy Doorstep Bike Service.

  • Somewhere Else Tomorrow

A well-told masterpiece, Somewhere Else Tomorrow is a travelogue by Daniel Rintz, a film-maker who always dreamt of travelling the world on a motorbike. He grew sick of dreaming and decided to take action. So he hit the road with a BMW R80 aka Marianne, and with a friend. They had no plans, but to travel and see the world. Instead of saving up, they decided to make money along the way. Along the way in Egypt, Daniel’s friend bails out, leaving Daniel riding solo. This has many stunning shots from the start, and there are beautiful landscapes in this travelogue. Even Marianne the BMW R80 has a voice-over in the travelogue.

Going by motorbike, Daniel and Lars set out on an elating excursion to circumnavigate the globe. Planning to fund their excursion by filling in as they go, they need to encounter neighborhood societies more quickly than any traveler could. Doing combating against nature, the street, their bicycles and their apprehensions, the excursion that unfurls is curiously convincing. This doc offers an account that shows the suffering human soul – and a surprising perspective on the world.

  • Riding Solo to the Top of the World

Probably known as the only ‘biker filmmaker’ of India, Gaurav Jani solo rode from Mumbai to one of the world’s hardest terrains which is the high-altitude Changthang Plateau in Ladakh region. Gaurav rode a Royal Enfield Bullet 350CC, loading it with almost 300kgs of supplies and other equipment.  He filmed the experience in a versatile way, capturing even the subtle moments like interacting with the locals, hardships when riding and the spiritual joy from the whole ride. The outcome was a fantastic motorbike travel documentary which inspired many enthusiastic bikers to do the same. Also, Jani did the filming work solo!

  • Journey Beyond Reason

This one’s about the fastest man in the world, Nick Sanders! He’s known for his extreme bike journeys and multiple records, Sanders. He initially rode bicycles and held a record for the fastest man around the world on a bicycle, twice! Later he switched on to motorbikes and became a legend in bike touring. This high paced documentary brings us his story and his journey so far. Sanders has travelled around the world 7 times till date. One of his fastest tours covered 31, 583Kms in 19 days and 4 hours. 

  • Into the Unknown:

This documentary is about the motorbike trip David Beckham took with his 3 buddies to the Amazon Forest post his retirement from his legendary football career. They explore the Amazon Forest on the classic Triumph Scrambler bikes and there are a lot of hilarious falls on the way, riding on muddy terrains. Into the Unknown is like a dream like come true for many, venturing into the unknown with your best mates.  Apart from bike riding, they sail on boats, meeting the tribes and locals along the way.

  • Moto Nomad:

Going on an adventure of a lifetime with your best friend sounds perfect, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what this one’s about, 2 pals on their KTM 500EXC dirt bikes, on a grand tour from Austria to Egypt & the seven countries between them. Adam Riemann and his friend head to destinations that are basically hidden in plain sights, giving us some of the best travel footage. Throughout the documentary, they both perform badass stunts and show off their amazing riding skills. Speaking of skills, Adam Riemann was a pro level racer who turned into a videographer.

These are sure to keep your heart pumping and make you want to ride bikes more than often. I’m sure you’ll feel inspired to take a bike trip of your own, but I advise to stay full-on prepared. Get your bike checked and serviced beforehand. One of the best places to get your bike serviced for peak performance is Hoopy Doorstep Bike Service. Get in touch with them to make your ride more convenient!

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