June 17, 2024

8 Types of Torches for Your Business Activities

Are you in an industry that could make use of a torch? Because “torch” is defined as pretty much any stick that illuminates on one end, we think the time is ripe to shine a good quality commercial flashlight onto this fascinating topic.

That’s because, especially if you need torch or flashlight technology for your profit-making activities, the realisation that “We need a torch” is so commonly followed with the question: “Which type?”

So without spending any time talking about sticks with a burning naked flame at the end, or even the original “flash” light which got its name because the zinc-carbon battery and carbon-filament bulbs only lasted a flash or two back at the turn of last century, let’s get straight into the types of torches that your industry, business or profit-turning activity might be looking for:


LED bulb technology may be on the march, but some won’t want to give up the comfort and low cost of the familiar incandescent bulb torch. In most cases, it’s a matter of whacking in some D batteries and getting on with the job, not worrying too much about dropping or breaking it because of the low cost.


But, more and more, LED torches are doing everything incandescent torches can do, only better. They can take a heftier knock than incandescent bulbs, they don’t overheat, and they’ll typically produce better and more diverse light with less energy after a short recharging period.


You’ve heard of LED, but perhaps not HID. It stands for High-Intensity Discharge, which basically means the emitted light is incredible intense. HID torches produce that intensity by running a current through ionised gas, so they’re more expensive – but perfect for those critical business operations that require daylight-like conditions at midnight.


Ever wondered what police, fire fighters and military personnel call their tough, powerful, compact, all-round torches? It’s the tactical flashlight, good enough to fight criminals, win wars and perform daring rescues.

Pressurised gas

No, we’re not talking about a blowtorch. Rather, these torches are based on familiar bulb technology but with exotic gases like krypton or xenon to intensify the light and boost bulb life without ramping up the energy demands.


For the environmentally-minded businesses, though, or just the ones that won’t require too many worries about charging or battery replacement, why not consider a solar-powered torch? You may be surprised about just how powerful that beam can be – but don’t expect it to keep up with a HID or intense LED torch.


Do the torches you need for work need to stand up to a heck of a knock? Luckily, the range of heavy-duty, commercial or industrial grade torches is built to last in the most trying of conditions. In so many situations, you can’t afford to be left in the dark with anything other than the most reliable product.


On the flip side, your commercial activity might simply require something super-compact, super-convenient, and super-small – ready for bright action when you least expect it. For that, you might need a compact torch, like the pen light. Cheap, versatile, unobtrusively tucked away, you can have some mighty brightness in your pocket no matter what situation you’re in.

We’re also giving honourable mentions to the full range of hands-free head-lamps, lanterns to light up a space rather than a spot, and hand-crank torches when there just aren’t any batteries laying around. Remember: while a dusty old general-purpose torch may get your household through a brief blackout, your business, commercial or industrial activities must be supported by products perfectly matched to the task. If in doubt, consult with an expert to select the perfect torch for your precise application. Good luck!

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