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The new year is approaching, finally, we see an ending to this year followed by a beginning. Now is the time to shut the doors on our past and just word towards our future. The celebrations are just taking place, there is the new year theme cake, champagne and many parties are being held.

The new year is no less than a massive festival and it should be, one should always say goodbye to the past with a smile and welcome the present and the future with the open arms and by this one can see that the diaries and various other journals are being filled with the resolutions which are going to take place this year. You must remember that the motivation to follow the new year resolution is just something that does not stay there after a week of the new year. We often tend to lose our motivation.

One thing that you must remember is that you must set a goal that is attainable for you. Setting unrealistic goals and not giving yourself time will not prove productive for you. If you aspire to lose weight then you need to focus on a small goal first and after you achieve that then you can always go a step further.

Here are a few new year resolutions which are easy to execute:


It will not take a lot of money to be kind as it is just free of charge and does not have any taxes included in it either. This gesture of being kind can be as small as smiling towards a Stranger in a friendly and polite manner to just holding the door open so that the person who is behind you can enter, or maybe just skipping coffee for a day because that coffee went to the homeless of if can spend then you can always buy one for the homeless or just offer to pay for someone who is having a hard time right now but politely. You can always opt for the cheap online flower delivery in mumbai and just surprise your co-workers with the fragrant and natural gifts such as flowers.


Well, there are times when we are just talking about other people behind their backs and we don’t even realise and this becomes a habit and there might be times when you will be having kids around you and kids learn from their parents and as far as the experience goes this is not at all a good habit that one should have so the best thing you can do here is just to keep a check on yourself. It might be a little hard for you for the first few days but this habit will just go away in no time. Remember gossip spreads rumours and this should always be avoided at all costs.


You can always travel to various places and just have many characters that you can just identify yourself with at this point. The books have beautiful tales which just take us to places that we just cannot think about. Start with a book for a month and then you can gradually proceed with more books by increasing the count and soon you will be able to complete more and more in the succeeding month. This is a really good habit to have as it has been noticed that many successful people read a lot every day.


This is something that will benefit you as well as the whole world in the long run. You can grow a plant and if you are not a plant parent then you can always start with a succulent or if you want to have flowers in your garden then you can get flower delivery in Bangalore or wherever you are living right now and just experiment with it. this will actually prove to be a healthy move for you and this will also be seen by your kids and they will also follow that and the best part is that going green saves a lot of electricity, water and is beneficial for the environment as well.


You don’t have to sit for hours and you don’t have to practice the poses that you think that you are not comfortable with. These practices can usually be developed in no time and you can always join yoga classes if you can spare some time and then when you come home you can also do a little twenty-minute meditation. This will reduce your stress levels and will provide you with a clear-thinking as well so one thing that you can always opt for is this practice of practising yoga and meditation.

Start your new year with a smile and these habits and formulate these habits slowly by setting short term goals which will ultimately help you achieve the long-term goals that are there. You are bound to succeed and make your new year the best year. Happy new year!

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