What Is Product Management And What Is The Impact On Your Business


Today we will talk about the product management area, one of the most important of any company. This sector has the mission of developing a product that is the result of the alignment of the company’s strategies and the interest of the client. Basically, it will be responsible for mapping the need for the product, defining features, functionality and design and creation. Keep reading to understand more about the subject, dear person! Personalized products like evangelica t-shirt, needs a good management

An attuned professional

Product management professionals are specialized in finding needs, evaluating opportunities, planning and using creativity. They are employees who are usually well updated with the news in the area and who like to study technologies. In addition, they also look for complementary courses and consultants to help them evolve on a daily basis.

If you are a professional in this area or not, but you are always looking for the best ways to evolve, coaching can be a good option for constant progress. The method is focused on finding what are the characteristics that make you a good collaborator and empowering them to leave them even more in evidence. You will also investigate which personality traits could contribute to your daily life, but are not yet developed enough. In addition, coaching tools can effectively contribute to identifying sabotage internal behaviors and change them.

How to reach the ideal product

The product management team must use all its knowledge and experience to deliver a quality product that meets the company and end customers and is within budget. The process is not simple and can often require project management models that help execute all tasks as aligned and on time.

To start the project of a new product it is necessary to ask basic questions that make the team understand what is the objective of the company. Check out some of them:

  • – Who is the client? It is necessary to analyze where the demand came from. The task can be a requirement of the board and owners, evaluations and surveys of customer satisfaction, suppliers, market trends or the very area of product management.
  •  – Is it really necessary to do this at this moment? Independently of who created the task of a new product, it is essential to evaluate each aspect of it. Check if it is really necessary at this moment. To do so, consider the queue of tasks, time, disposition of professionals and the budget. After this step, it is important to talk with who has demanded and the management to show the possibilities of execution or not and the reasons. The intention is that this conversation becomes a healthy discussion about what the company’s priorities are and the resources to accomplish them.

If after reflecting together on the issues above, the project continues going forward it is time to start planning its execution. For this, it is necessary to consider several points of attention. Get to know some of them:

  • – Clear objective: always have the final results expected in a very direct way for all involved. To facilitate, at the beginning of the project, try to explain the reasons why you will do this task and what are the benefits for the professional growth of the team and the company. This helps to keep the focus of what needs to be done.
  •  – Definition of needs: gather the execution team and who demanded the activity to evaluate which are the items to be developed in the project. The analysis must be detailed and question everything so that nothing is beaten.
  •  – Development of a roadmap: the creation of a guide document is fundamental. A roadmap serves as a roadmap that contains the main activities that will be developed by the project. These activities will be basically the current objectives of the company in relation to this product. Therefore, they can be changed if the management sees the need. This file should be available to all interested parties.
  •  – Creating a schedule: this is one of the most important stages of the work. After defining all the activities and creating a roadmap, it is time to make the famous list in order of priority. Unlike the roadmap, here is the file in which absolutely all the activities of the project must be recorded with their respective responsible and delivery dates. The document does not need to be available to everyone, only to the team, after all it serves so that it does not miss the deadlines. Here it is important to point out that the schedule should consider overtime for improvements and corrections.
  • – Appoint a leader for the project: a person from the team who will develop the activity must be considered the leader. This person must make sure that all the steps are completed correctly and on time. In addition, he or she must be the point of contact in case whoever has demanded or another area has doubts.
  • – Acceptance of improvements: the leader and the team doing the work must be open to hear suggestions. Comments should happen from the evaluation of the first deliveries and can go to the final version. It’s the leader’s role to listen to everything, to evaluate if they are really valid points and to discuss with the team. Remembering that the idea is to deliver the best experience to the final customer and that he can also suggest changes when receiving the product. It’s important to listen and ponder all sides.

Product management is a very important area and one that actively cooperates with the results of a company. Investing in skilled professionals is the first step to create a high quality sector that will bring good deliveries. These workers must have technical experience, but they must also be able to have their skills developed and become even better. Coaching will fall like a glove to the expert in products with growth potential. The investment will have significant effects on the professional’s career and on the company’s results.

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