June 17, 2024

What is the packing slip used for?

Do you know that something as simple as a Packing slip can save a lot of your money? These packing slips retained by existing customers save a lot of money. These slips are a cheaper way of retaining existing ones rather than searching for new ones. It helps in building loyalty and trust of customers like done by the Invoice Office. They have been building loyalty for years.

What is a packing slip?

A packing slip is a document used in both national and international packets for listing all the products that are included in the packs. It acts as evidence that the goods have been dispatched to the customer. The packing slip is great in finding any lost or damaged goods if the carrier is insured. It helps customers in retaining the contents of the package by reading the slip.

If any goods are purchased on credit, then this slip aids in disbursement if needed. It also helps in improving the relationship between buyers and sellers with just a little help.

The difference between invoice and packing slip

There are major differences between packing slips and invoices. An invoice is said to be a non-negotiable instrument carrying details of both the parties and having a list of full quantities of products received. It also has the agreement dates and any discount offers if available.

A Packing slip is however found with shipment orders and found in shipping packages or pouches. It contains details of all the shipped products for confirming with the shipment that it has all goods that are ordered for.

Branding of packing slips

Invoice Office does the branding of packing slips as well. If you are looking for something simple, you can go forward with plain or if you want to be branded, you can even do that. Whatever designs you choose; it must match with your eCommerce platform for reaching your target audience.

Displaying messages or emotions

Want to go creative with packing slips by adding messages to it? These are some of the examples that you can use:

  • Discount offers

Emailing discount offers is so common but getting discount offers with the service package is unique. It gives a chance of improving customer service. You can give the following in your next order to your customers:

  • 10-15% discount offers
  • Free shipping offer
  • Gift cards offer, etc.
  • Personal thank you cards

Doing something as simple as sending a thank you card can work wonders on customers. Try doing it the handwritten way for increasing the revenue of your eCommerce platform.

  • Introducing to other products

Use the selling platform for letting people know of all the products that you deal with. Recommend them in trying out the best from the lot and give their honest reviews to it.

Packing slips are important in the eCommerce business, it helps in a smooth transition, processing, and transportation of the orders.

What should a packing slip include?

The packing slip is a compact detailed document that holds price, itemized list, and SKU. Based on the business you perform; the nature of packing list details can vary. The key element one should look at while creating a Packing list includes customer contact info, delivery address, packing slip date, price of the item, list of items, SKU of each item, and quality of each item. If you organize everything online then you can save huge amounts of paper and printing costs. So, try to manage online administration. It is good for the business.

Digital packing slip helps an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur finds difficulty in packing tickets, it takes more time and money. Sometimes while sending the packages get delayed. By using the invoice office, you can send the packing slip through email. If you want to take a print of the slip, it doesn’t cause any problems. Many companies maintain their manuals digitally. The company’s folder will be filled with invoices and packing slips and notes. You can business updated by organizing everything online at the same place. Handling online administration is better for the environment.

It takes a lot of space to store the packaging slip. While managing the packing online you can reduce the paperwork and your company will surely meet up with success through this process.


Packing slip gives an opportunity of adding appreciation and promotion of products. Try your best for boosting sales using a packing slip. For making such a slip, contact the Invoice Office. Don’t wait and contact them for your business.


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