June 19, 2024

What You Should Pay Attention To When Decorating The Bathroom

The private bathroom seems to be owned by a small group of people. this independent bathing has been a favourite method from nobles to the common people. It can be said that the history of independent bathroom is as long as people’s bathing habits. Because of its unique personality, the installation of an independent bathroom is “serious” in many aspects. The application for the bathroom area, the installation of the bathroom, and the coordination with the surrounding conditions are very high.

  1. Ceiling: Because the moisture in the bathroom is heavier. Therefore, it is necessary to choose those materials that have the characteristics of waterproof, anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

  2. Ground: Before laying the floor tiles, make sure that the brick surface has a slope of draining water (usually about 1% is appropriate) towards the floor drain; the ground must be closed-water test after the tiles are laid, and waterproofing must be done; after the tiles are laid. The time must be at least 24 hours; when laying the floor tiles, pay attention to the seams and alignment with the wall tiles to ensure the overall sense of the entire bathroom, so as not to create a visually messy impression.
  3. Wall: The tiles on the wall should also be moisture-proof and waterproof. And to be seam and aligned with the floor tiles, and to ensure that the tiles are flat. In order to ensure the integrity of the wall and the ground; if you encounter the entrance of the water supply pipeline, the cutout of the tile should be small and appropriate, so that the flange cover on the water feeder can cover the cutout, making the appearance perfect. Show now using Charles Bentley Voucher Code
  4. Doors and windows: It is best to have windows in the bathroom. Pay particular attention to the details of the door. In order to prevent the water in the bathroom from overflowing to facilitate ventilation; if there is no window. The door boundary should be slightly higher than the inside of the bathroom; the gap between the bathroom door and the ground should be larger to facilitate the return of air; if it is a sliding door, a layer of waterproofing should be made between the sliding door and the bathroom floor tiles.

  5. Circuit laying: The wire joints in the bathroom must be tinned. To ensure safety; the wire body must be covered with a flame-retardant tube; all switches and sockets must have moisture-proof boxes, and they must be wrapped with waterproof tape and insulating tape. And the location also depends on the size and location of the appliance to ensure convenient and reasonable use.
  6. Waterway reconstruction: If you want to change, the water supply and drainage lines in the bathroom should not be changed too much. It depends on the specific situation, such as different models of washing machines, the location of the water will be different.

  7. Sanitary ware installation: Choose the bathtub, bath room, toilet, wash basin and other sanitary ware according to the size. It is best to record the distance of the drain hole before the decoration. In order to avoid inappropriate size during decoration; the toilet device should be sealed with toilet mud first, and then fixed with expansion screws or glass glue, so that it is easy to repair when the toilet is blocked.
  8. Ventilation: And the exhaust fan must be equipped with a retrograde gate, and the bathroom must have an exhaust fan. To prevent the dirty air from flowing back.
  9. Greening: to make this place a little more lively and fresh. Add life. The bathroom should not be a corner forgotten by green. When decorating, you can choose some shade-resistant, wet-loving potted plants and place them in the bathroom.
  10. If you add a pipe to move the sewer entrance, you should check whether the old sewer is unblocked before the new pipe is connected to the old sewer entrance. At this time, spend money to dredge it to avoid a lot of trouble in the future.

    When buying materials, you must first calculate the approximate amount. When buying waterway materials, I thought about how much material was used after drawing the waterway diagram, so I trusted the foreman a little, but later found out that I bought 5 meters more water pipes and actually used 27 copper heads. , I actually bought 40, there should be 13 remaining, the actual remaining 7 is short of 6. After repeated enquiries, the foreman retrieved the six copper heads that were “accidentally mixed elsewhere” from other construction sites. The circuit has calculated the materials in detail in advance, and the calculated results are compared with the requirements of the foreman: the wire is changed from 30 meters to 12 meters, and the network cable is changed from 20 meters to 13 meters. Others such as insulating tape and plugs are very different It was corrected by me.


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