Why a Student Should Do Hotel Management

One of the many professional courses available in today’s times is hotel management. Students passing out of colleges imparting education on these courses are trained both in practical and theoretical aspects of hotel management. Also, this course prepares students to take on all challenges of the hospitality industry, and not just hotels as such.

Great College in Excellent Environment

It is not just the college but also its surrounding environment that helps a student reap maximum benefits from a course such as a hotel management. For this reason, it is a great idea to get admission into the best hotel management institute in Dehradun. These are 4-year management courses that are able to offer jobs to students as soon as they are over. Even during the course, students get to work in the top hotels and get trained by experts in various departments.

Guests need Different Types of Accommodations

The hotel industry is often used as an all-encompassing term for describing various services with respect to accommodation. As per the correct terminology, the various types of accommodations that come under the bracket here include:

  1. Motels – These are overnight accommodations located on highways, essentially for travelers. The motel is the short word for ‘Mobile hotel’.
  2. Inns – These are establishments capable of providing temporary accommodation, with drinks and food. Inns are relatively smaller than hotels and are similar in size to Beds and breakfasts. Guests get private rooms and food options are normally inclusive of breakfast and dinner.
  3. Bed and Breakfasts – Bed and Breakfasts, often termed as B&Bs in short, are able to accommodate guests for the night and provide them breakfast in the morning. Many private homes are converted into such properties, and these are budget forms of accommodation in most cases.
  4. Hotels – It is the most common type of accommodation which offers stays, meals, and other services. A hotel is available across a variety of budgets and its services also differ accordingly. It is usually meant for a tourist or traveler, though locals can also stay. Meals can be ordered either at hotel restaurants or in the room.
  5. Resorts – These are commercial establishments that have hotels and some additional services. Guests mostly like to stay here due to the relaxing ambiance. One can avail several benefits at one place, which includes bars, restaurants, outdoor or indoor entertainment options, recreational shops, and more.
  6. Botels – A boat that has been converted to provide lodging like a hotel is known as a botel. A lot of them have permanently moored riverboats, and many of them are converted ships. They can easily travel with guests onboard and are common in many European cities.
  7. Hostels – Several guests sleep together in the same area in a hostel. The idea of the hostel is to act as a cheap accommodation to its guests. Instead of paying for rooms, guests here pay for beds. For those looking to meet new people, this is truly a great place.
  8. Serviced Apartments – These are very common among business travelers where guests benefit from different services at an apartment-type lodge. The range of services includes housekeeping, laundry, and room service. Apartments are normally bigger than hotel rooms, often providing more services than the ones mentioned above.
  9. Holiday cottages – Also called holiday homes, these are small homes given to guests for holiday purposes for a temporary period, exactly as the name sounds
  10. Guest houses – These are private homes which have been turned into temporary accommodations for guest. The guest areas are usually isolated from the area where the owner lives. Most of these places work on a self-service basis.

No matter how difficult jobs get in the world, man will never stop traveling and eating at different places. These are major reasons that will ensure that hoteliers will forever be in demand. Working in a hotel can mean different things to people, where it can get a little difficult to explain to elders. In case of any such doubts, one just needs to step into any 5-star hotel nearby and speak to some of the smartly dressed professionals there.

Grooming Starts from Graduate College 

Top faculty at the best hotel management college start grooming students from the minute they start attending college. For starters, they are told to wear formals to college on a daily basis, which conveys to them the importance of proper grooming. During the course, they are given chances to work alongside professional staff, especially in the kitchen and the food and beverage service area. For Front Office, they are trained to work on the latest booking software. Simultaneously, theoretical concepts are taught to them in classrooms. At the same time, they are often denied entry into classrooms if a few minutes late, ensuring that they follow similar standards at hotels.

Very few courses give students the opportunities to follow passions the way this does.

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