June 19, 2024
Increase YouTube Views

Why Do We Need To Increase YouTube Views?

Today I will tell you how you can increase more than one million views on your YouTube video and why it is important for us to increase them. You all must know that YouTube has become the largest video-sharing platform in today’s time. You must have seen that more than one million likes come on the videos of many people. Subscribers on his channel are also very good because he has been working hard on YouTube for a long time.

If you are new to YouTube, then you must be aware that it takes a lot of hard work to get your videos ranked on YouTube. You have to work hard for 4 to 5 months on your channel and use many methods to make your video viral. After using the methods, your video will start ranking on YouTube. Subscribers will also start increasing on your channel and likes on your videos will also increase. Your channel will be monetized soon when your video starts playing and ranking on YouTube. Then you too will start earning money like other YouTubers.

How can we increase views on our YouTube videos?

Now I will tell how we can increase the views on our YouTube videos. How can we work hard for that, so that our YouTube video starts getting more than one million likes and starts ranking on our videos? What methods should you use for that, if you also want to increase more than one million likes on your video? So follow the below-mentioned methods because after using these methods the views on my videos started increasing.

  • Quality content:- You always have to remember one thing, whenever you upload a video to YouTube, you have to remember this. The topic of your video should be unique and the content should be strong. Your content should be easy because when anyone sees your video, they can easily understand your language. He should not have trouble understanding your video, he can easily understand your point. What are you talking about in the video?
  • Unique Title & Description:- When you do your video, before that we have to write the title and description of your video. For that, we have to do keyword research first. We have to put keywords related to the topic of our video in our title and description. Because when anyone searches the video with that keyword, then our video should also appear on the first page of YouTube. This will bring more views to our videos and also give our videos a chance to rank on YouTube.
  • Best Thumbnail Structure:- You should make the thumbnail of your video in such a way that seeing your thumbnail in front of your video will make you crave to see your video. He thinks there are some interesting things in your video which he has never seen before today. So people will love to watch your video if you don’t use thumbnails. So people will consider that video useless no matter how hard you have worked for it. That’s why you must put thumbnails, it gives you a lot of benefits.
  • Use Hashtag:- You should also use unique and trending Hashtags while entering the description of the video. Because some people use videos on YouTube through hashtags. So you should apply hashtags related to your topic so that your video also appears in the same search. Then if the user goes to your video, your views will start increasing.

What can we do if there are no views even after using these methods?

Even if you have used all these methods, even then the views on your video are not increasing. So what should you do after that so that your views start increasing? Then you will have to spend a little on that, your views will start increasing.

  • Run Ads:- You can run ads on your videos or for your YouTube channel to increase the views on your videos. You can also select the location where you want your video to appear the most through the ad. If you don’t want to do this, you can run the ad for the whole world. After running the ad, your video appears as soon as you open YouTube. When a user opens YouTube, he will first see your own video. So you can estimate how many views will start coming to your video.
  • Share & Ads Other Social Media:- You can also put the link of your video on other social media platforms. After that by giving a link on it, you can run ads on it too, in this you will have a double benefit. Your video will also be seen by people who have followed on your account and those people will also see it. Those who have reached your video after seeing the ad. Here you get to benefit from both the sides and apart from this the traffic also gets doubled.
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