June 20, 2024
Vacation to Tulum

How Should You Plan Your Vacation to Tulum?

Tulum attracts visitors who want sunlight, relaxation, and natural settings. Yoga retreats, restaurants, shopping, and even nightlife and festivals are all popular in this fashionable area.

Many factors come into play while arranging the perfect holiday, and we would suggest that doing some research ahead of time may help ensure that your trip is exactly what you want.

This Tulum guide will provide you an introduction to this wonderful destination as well as the information you need to plan your trip.

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Making Travel Plans

The Best Time to Go

In late fall and early winter, the best time to go to Tulum is when the weather is good before the crowds come down in late December through March.

Getting There

The closest international airport is Cancun Airport, which is located 73 miles north of Tulum. You may hire a car or use the bus to go to your hotel from there. For booking a low-cost flight, you can chooseJetBlue booking.

Spoken languages

Although Spanish is the primary language spoken in the region, many Mayan speakers (there are 16,000 Mayan speakers in the Municipality of Tulum alone) and many individuals working in the tourism industry know English. It is an excellent idea to study Spanish before leaving.

Currency used

The currency used in Mexico is the peso (MXN). Touring companies, shops, and hotels may advertise prices in US dollars, although they take either dollars or pesos. When purchasing at stores, restaurants, and stands, use pesos to get the best deals.

Most restaurants and bars, especially high-end establishments, accept only cash, so be sure you have plenty. You may get ATMs from your bank’s account directly in town, and this is typically the best method for converting money and getting the greatest rate.

Where Should You Stay?

Your main option will be whether to stay in the beach area of Tulum Pueblo. On the beach, you’ll typically find rustic, beautiful, and peaceful jungle beach hotels. You may expect to pay a premium for a hotel directly on the beach while adhering to the eco-conscious environment.

How to Get Around

Taxis are numerous; however, Uber is not available in Tulum. You may rent a bike to get around town and to the beach; there are various facilities available for hire in Tulum pueblo, and some hotels provide complimentary services to guests.

Explore the Cuisine

Tulum’s history and proximity to the sea combine to produce delicious cuisine. If you like seafood, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

Create a wide itinerary

Before leaving, it is best to prepare what you want to see or do each day. Even if you didn’t stick to it, it will help you to realistically plan what you could fit into a day. We would suggest 1-2 sites, 1-2 restaurants, and some beach time for planning. It should help you get the most out of your time without tiring you out. Take into account the travel time to and from distant attractions, as well as the occasionally uncontrollable heat.

Allow time for an unexpected adventure.

After you’ve completed your daily program, leave some unscheduled time for each day. You never know when a fantastic opportunity will present itself. These random times will turn out to be one of the most memorable days of your holiday! In the worst-case situation, this unexpected time gives you some breathing room or extra beach time.

Things to Do

You may be tempted to spend your whole vacation on the beach, but don’t forget to pay a visit to Tulum, the only Mayan city on the coast enclosed by walls. Check out yoga, meditation, and the complete Yäan Healing Sanará wellness program if you’re in excellent health.

A trip south to Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, which has tropical forests, mangrove and pine trees, and an offshore barrier reef, is a must for nature lovers. Tulum has something for everyone, whether you want to sway to tropical rhythms or dance to EDM sounds.

Here are some fun things to do:

  • Go for a walk or a swim on one of Tulum’s lovely beaches, and observe sea turtles in their natural habitat
  • Take a refreshing plunge in a cenote
  • Take a day excursion to the Cobá archaeological site
  • Relax with a dawn yoga class

Save Money with these Hacks

  • Eat locally! There are several street food vendors and eateries that serve tasty, low-cost meals.
  • Look for rooms with a kitchen or a small refrigerator to keep food and drinks.

The Bottom Line

Whatever sort of traveler you are, Tulum has plenty of activities and sights to see. Tulum’s main attractions, though, are its beautiful beaches, fascinating history, and delectable cuisine. With a little research and bargaining skills, you’ll be able to stroll down the city fast without costing much in your pocket. WithAmerican airlines reservations, you can have the best experience in Tulum! So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now!

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