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Why Does SEO Take So Long Time?


If you think that hiring an SEO company in Delhi and the expert is good enough for you to expect fastidious results, then you need to rethink and redesign your expectations. SEO takes time to generate the expected results and this is an accepted truth in the world of Digital Marketing. Even the companies which have availed the services from a reputed agency need to be patient to witness the deliverables. It is a time-consuming affair and the results are not generated as per the prescribed time. The fact is that the SEO of the company will at least take 4-6 months to develop or can be more too. The service availing company has to be aware of this truth before availing such services.


SEO takes time. Why?

  • It takes time to get the market research done and analyze the tactics and the techniques which are result-oriented. The search engines also require time to recognize the quality of the website and compare the content with similar sites to come forth with desirable results.
  • Even when the service availing companies invest to buy such services, they do not get the desired results. Hence their investment is not justified for them.

Thus we can analyze the points which clearly indicates the factors which affect the SEO of the companies:

  • For the service providing company, SEO is measured in terms of driving traffic for the website. The overall goal of any company is to grow and multiply the revenue.
  • The use of generic keywords act as a powerhouse for the SEO generation of the company and the results can be highly inspiring because it can get noticed in the search engine. The website can get ranked in the # 1 slot in the search engines with the use of generic keywords.
  • Google Webmaster tools have also proved that the SEO takes time to deliver the desired results. For the accurate results to come tin, it takes 6-12 months. Yes, it is a long wait but a fact is a fact and it should be well accepted.
  • Other parameters like variables also matter. These are keywords, keywords and its relevance with the content, age of the domain and the website, competition in the relevant field, location of the company, social activity of the company, and much more. These can also affect the generation of the SEO. Content also plays a pivotal role but even content can take at least 4-6 months to yield results.
  • Engagement reflected in the website is possible through quality content. Google may take time but it will definitely recognize the quality of the content which is also one of the topmost parameters of SEO generation.
  • The competition also plays an essential role in the determination of the time taken for the SEO results. The competitor’s blogs may be pumping in more blogs and you have to beat the quantity and the quality of their blogs to get featured in the search engine result pages.
  • If the website is not generating the right SEO even after a long time, then it is a clear indication that it required designing and the experts in the industry can do this job with conviction.
  • A budget can play an essential role as well because the higher budget means more experts working on the results to show fastidiously.

These are valuable tips which answer the question perfectly that why SEO takes long to exhibit results. Thus the companies can come forth with strategies for their clients to pull their SEO quickly. Though the results cannot be magically quick within few months it will start rolling in the positive direction.

Rajeev Gaur is a well-recognized name in the arena of digital marketing. He is Chief Executive Officer of a <a href="">digital marketing company</a> named as e-Definers Technology. He loves reading about digital, latest technologies and market trends.

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