June 25, 2024

Why Is Linux Web Hosting the Right Choice for Web Development?

Shared hosting is also called beginner’s hosting. People who start their company are usually looking for an affordable option. Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting service among all. Also, the service operated by the hosting provider. In a shared hosting plan, more than one user is provided with space on a single server, and people use this space.

Shared hosting plan are mainly distributed as shared Linux web hosting service and shared windows web hosting service. Among the two shared Linux web hosting service is slightly more popular.

Let us understand the reasons for popularity:

  • Shared Linux web hosting has gained more popularity because of its open-source platform. It allows code to be modified and redistributed without restriction.
  • Linux users mainly rely on cPanel to manage web development processes. Although providers may include cPanel, it is a third-party application.
  • Windows and Linux web hosting shared many features and are compatible for most important tasks.

Linux is an open-source operating system and quite famous OS among web hosting vendors. Open source refers to the source code can be used, modified and redistributed openly in both commercially and non-capabilities.

Hosting providers believes this to the more restrictive Windows platform as it permits greater customization in server capabilities and user options.

Linux Hosting with Cpanel: A Brief Explanation

Linux hosting is a selective hosting type in the field of web design and development. Most developers rely on cPanel features that is used to simplify operations on the Linux platform. With cPanel, a user can easily handle all of your web development tasks in a single plane.

Usually, the web developer/designer work with two interfaces simultaneously. With cPanel, user is allowed to publish websites, manage domains, create email accounts, store files, and many more tasks.

Hosting users doesn’t get direct access to cPanel. It is a third-party application, and hosting providers may include it in their host packages. You can check with the hosting service provider to understand Linux hosting with cPanel plans.

Is Linux Hosting the Right Choice?

Every person who is new to web hosting often finds it difficult to choose one of the hosting services. This is true when you use Windows as your home operating system on your laptop or desktop computer.

There are several reasons for selecting Linux as the web hosting and cost is the important component. Linux hosting is a cost-effective and secure option that provide a stable environment for your site.

Difference Between Linux And Windows Shared Hosting:

The two web hosting types differ to each other as per their characteristics. Usually, people prefer shared Linux web hosting. However, windows user would find convenient to use shared windows web hosting.

There is typically available workaround or translation that will allow you to use your Windows application on a Linux server. A times, there workaround is not ideal, so you require to be careful when using them.

Benefits of Linux For Your Website:

There are some highly important reasons of selecting a Windows server. If you fit into this criterion, then Windows hosting is the best for you. If you don’t find these criteria feasible, then Linux opens up as an option that is definitely worthy of your consideration.

These are the main benefits of Linux benefits.


The pricing of the Linux hosting is significantly better in compare to other hosting services. Initial web hosting package is not that much cheaper you mainly have a lot more options available. You are using open-source applications as you are saving a lot of money while keeping your application fully developed.


When you work with a shared Linux web hosting service, you are actually dealing with open-source applications continually being created by the community you the chances for growth. There are much more secure and stable application continuously being developed. The growth of the environments and applications is not dependent on paid developers, which expands the potential for out-of-the-box thinking.

When you want to select the web hosting for your business or personal site, you should focus on a hosting package that is rich in feature. You should also ensure that web hosting service provides high uptime percentage and guarantees to back it up. Also, you should ensure the full-time customer support.


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