10 Romantic Offbeat Places in Himachal That Are Waiting to Be Explored

The beauty of Himachal Pradesh has actually inspired many poets, painters, and writers over the period. Most of Himachal Pradesh’s cities and towns such as Shimla, Manali, Kullu, Dharamsala, etc. are hailed amongst the best hill stations of India and are flocked by travelers all over the year. However, due to their immense popularity, these hills stations are constantly crowded and may appear even busier than metro cities.

This post is for those travelers seeking for Unexplored Places in holiday packages to Himachal Pradesh. There are many little treasures in Himachal most of the people are unaware of.

So, given here are 10 such romantic offbeat & unexplored destinations in Himachal Pradesh that you must visit on your next vacation.

01. Shoja

Shoja lives 5 km before Jalori Pass, on the alternative route that connects Shimla with Kullu valley. Unblemished by the spots of commercialization, Shoja is a perfect hamlet to relax up as well as soak in the fresh mountain air. Situated in the Seraj Valley, Serloskar Lake is a famous tourist attraction here, known for its picture-perfect sunset. At a short distance, lies a natural waterfall, where you can take a chilling bath or just around under the sun while savoring a drink.

02. Sach Pass and Pangi Valley

The Sach Pass, Killar, Hudan, as well as Sural. It is almost the last frontier yet to be broken by the Himachal tourism boom. In the olden days, it used to be a site for Kala Pani (exile) for wrongdoers of the Chamba Kingdom. Biker gangs and SUV enthusiasts travel there primarily to verify their nerve on what they call one of the “most unsafe roads” in the world. However, I think this is only one of Pangi’s charms. The real joy of Pangi lies in its frontier towns and the inclined slopes that lead to them. I will soon make a thorough guide on the valley.

03. Malana

Malana is one of the most stunning villages in India. There are many stories regarding this beautiful place. Lots of legends of Malana discuss its existence from ages. It is positioned in Parvati Valley and is a house to a few families who have been staying here for a long time.

04. Tirthan Valley

The place of your choice for the rest of the time. Every visit is unique. Go there and also spend 6 to 10 days at least. Attempt your hand fishing in the river. Great Himalayan park makes it very appealing for the sports lover as well as a non-commercial side of lodges makes it the best place to be in for solo travelers or people that really desire some time to sort their head out. Long walks among the mountain forests, fishing by the Tirthan River, a gang of bikers covering the stretch or shaking a leg with a tourist playing some serious trance are a common sight at Tirthan valley. The dreamland place away from the infuriating crowd. Bird’s-eye views, trekking routes, trout angling, nature strolls or simply relax!! A great place for peace as well as being alone. Discover more by going there!

05. Chitkul

Snow-laden mountains, lavish green vegetation, mustard fields, and apple orchards are the highlights of Chitkul, the last occupied community near the Indo-China border. The potatoes and peas grown here are a few of the finest worldwide – and also pricey too. In the temple resides the 500-year old divine being of Chitkul, plus this village occurs to be the last point of the prominent Kinnaur Kailash Parikrama (the home of Lord Shiva), so pilgrims stop at the holy place as well as praise the siren of Chitkul. The town experiences cold, harsh winters, so pack accordingly.

06. Jibhi

A brief drive from stunning Jalori Pass as well as the Great Himalayan National Park, the village of Jibhi is covered by the lush pine as well as the cedar forests of Banjar Valley. Besides bird watching, fishing as well as hiking via the wilderness, make time to go to the sacred Serolsar Lake, the mist-shrouded Raghupur Fort and also the old 1,500-year-old watchtower at Chaini Fort.

07. Renukaji

Renukaji is one of the best secret places in Himachal for a variety of factors. The area has breathtaking architectural sites that reveal the delicate carving of the musicians. Renuka Lake is one more mirror-like lake that reflects the image of God in its charm. Renuka Lakes is in the Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh in India and it is 672 m over the sea level. It is the largest lake in Himachal Pradesh.

08. Kalpa

One of the biggest towns of Kinnaur district, Kalpa is best recognized for its plush environment-friendly want nut forests and also the incredible landscape that the snow-covered Kinnaur Kailash against it when they are bathed in the morning. The countless apple orchards, apples being the main cash crop of the region, only add to the awesome color palette nature offers.

09. Thanedar

Alive with its lovely apple as well as cherry orchards, Thanedar gives unmatched joy to the nature lovers. You can enjoy plucking the fruits from the myriad trees that supply lakhs of cartons full of juicy apples throughout India as well as abroad as well as biting into them or can enjoy the chewy slices of apples that the localities are completely dry on their roofing systems. There are many resorts overlooking the plush orchards that give one the experience of staying close to nature.

10. Gushaini

Gushaini or Goshaini located at the Trithan valley in Kullu district is an ideal destination for all adventure lovers. Be it trekking, white water rafting or rock climbing this is the location to be in. Besides the adventure sports, Gushaini is a place where one can begin the hiking courses to the neighboring villages of Chalogi as well as Mungla as well as just have a recreation day engaging with the friendly villagers.



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