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5 Features of Zadinga software


5 features of Zadinga Software for MSME Business owners

Business is not the only one created within four walls at huge buildings. Business is seen in all corners of your city, from mini-scale vendors to maximum state revenue generators. Every business plays an important role in the market. The application of the software is what decides the maximum turnover of every business. Software is converting every traditional business practice to modernized practice to consume time. Zadinga is such software that brings more effectiveness to your company without your knowledge. At present, it has been most popularly used by various small MSME business owners due to its highly advanced features. The most highlighted five features are as follows:

  1. Smart Stock Onboarding with Zadinga

Zadinga provides you with the most developed instore stock management app to allow you to access more benefits with your normal online stock platform.

Readymade catalogue: you can access the readymade catalogue, which will make you work fast with your inventory management process by adding products in a few seconds. You can choose your product over 10,000 product choices in your readymade catalogue.

Product search and suggestions: the software works effectively to save your time with every business process. With the option of product search and suggestion, you can easily fill in your product details without wasting more time.

Barcode scanner: you can list your product within a second without any manual system work. You can use the inbuilt scanner to add to a list of products within your inventory with a double click time.

Simple product form: you can add unlisted products immediately with the simple product form option. You can manually add a new product without more works.

  1. Effortless stock management

Online stock backup: you can secure your data for more time than with the online stock backup feature at Zadinga. You can backup your product details, bills, customer data and even more for your future use.

Stock alert system: you can list out your products, and the software will default update your stock in hand. This feature will alert you at the time of stock out.

  1. Simpler checkout and payments

You can consume the most time with the feature of simpler check out and payments that allows you to access the following advantages:

Quick billing: it enables you to bill with a bar code scan to which you can add discounts and various other details.

Easy payment: you can easily customize your payment account as per the customer’s requirement.

Digital receipts: the feature of this software allows to immediately dispersing payment configuration receipts via SMS and various other digital text forms.

  1. E-commerce

Online store with checkout: you can increase your customer lineups with an online store setup easily share it with your customers.

Local order delivery to customers: you can offer a fast and convenient mode of shopping to your customer by local delivery partners.

  1. Real-time performance reports 

Tracking reports are the most important part of the business to avoid loss and incur production strategies.

Sales report: you can have a built-in report with your Zadinga app that will give you a complete overview of every sale.

Stock reports: The stock view allows you to overview the current stock availability based on every product.

Bottom line:

You can smartly develop your business with the easily assessable feature of Zadinga. The features mentioned above are most welcomed by MSME owners and support faster development.

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