5 Ways Website Helps SMEs To Reach Mass Audience

Thanks to the Internet, in 2022, the world is getting more significant in terms of connectivity. Over the years, the Internet has played a crucial role in developing business and more convenience for the customers. In today’s day and age, over 70% of companies are willing to have a presence online through a website, while 28% still do not have a website. There are many reasons why SMEs should have an e-commerce app or website for their business and for bloggers like kampungbloggers, and one of them is the mass audience. Here are five ways a website helps SMEs reach a mass audience.

1) 24*7 Accessibility

An offline store is only open for a limited period. Maximum for 12 hours a day. But in the case of a website, it is accessible to the users and customers 24*7, seven days a week. Whether it is a holiday or a break time of the year, your store won’t go offline and will result in the website bringing new customers to you. 

2) Brand Visibility

If you have just started a startup, having brand visibility is one of the most crucial factors affecting the business. As a startup, you need funding from investors, and for it, you need to have brand visibility online.

3) Easy Advertising And Promotion

You can attract new potential customers and convert them in to recurring customers with perfect content marketing. Having a website can also help you in Social Media Marketing, as you can get a lot of business from social networking platforms. Attaching a link to your website in a social media post enhances user interaction and results in new customers getting an eye on your business.

4) Ability To Have Customer Insights

Having a website can help you determine what your customers want to buy. You can easily monitor how customers are interacting with a product through a website, which product is being looked at the most, and which product is the lowest. These insights on customers can help you increase the efficiency of your business by having a clear vision for your customer needs.

5) Website Development Is Not Expensive

Website development for your business is not expensive. Small businesses have low budgets, and profits take time. Having a website for your business will only help you reach a wider audience and increase your earnings. A website can be easily accessed, and the customer won’t find any issue locating your store. Having an offline and online store at the same time will give you a better grip on all potential customers. Apart from a website, you can even have an e-commerce app for a more personal experience of the customers.


In 2022, the whole world is moving towards a life on the Internet. The expansion of the Internet has been extremely fast over the years, and it will only increase in the coming decade. We are slowly moving to Metaverse, where every person will have a different life online. While the whole world is stepping into the Internet, keeping a business offline is not something anyone would recommend you at this point. Online companies, e-commerce apps are being widely used due to the convenience it provides to the customer and the efficiency of buying something just by a click at home. Thus, a website is crucial for any small business to grow in the coming future.

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