June 25, 2024

7 Advantages of Travelling By Chauffeur Driven Cars

Public transportation is easy and cheap. But that’s not a viable option in this pandemic. So, choose a professional car hire company that will keep you safe from health risks during airport transfers.

Considering the current state of the world, travelling anywhere is difficult and unsafe. But business needs and personal reasons don’t wait for anyone. So people are travelling with frustration, anxiety, and with the potential for contracting a deadly virus. Not to mention the fact that trips, especially flights, can be extra stressful.

But, there is a way you can reduce your anxiety and be rest assured that you are not at risk of contracting the virus during your airport transfer. You can get enjoy this peace of mind by hiring a corporate car rental company.

If you are travelling for the first time using a flight, then you might feel apprehensive about airport transfers. If you don’t know what a private transfer service is then don’t worry, we have you covered. Just read on below:

What is even a private airport-transfer facility?

An airport transport service is a corporate travel solution. These are transportation facilities that offer chauffeur driven cars from the airport to the chosen destination as well as back again. You will be able to book this service online and choose the car and service that fits within your budget.

The best part is that you can do the booking weeks ahead to get the very best facility you want. The car will drop you off at the very entrance of your accommodation. It’s highly doubtful that you will get this service if you use public transportation. Not to mention that it is a very safe and fast way of travel as well. You don’t have to wait for irregular public buses or cars in this global crisis.

The companies offering these services are taking special care during this pandemic to ensure that you have a comfortable and safe journey. From sealed water bottles to hand wipes and sanitizers, you will get it all. Are you worried about safety? Women travellers don’t have to worry. The chauffeurs are background tested and reliable. For additional peace of mind, the car is GPS tracked as well. But do you know that there are more benefits to using an airport transfer service?

Additional Benefits to Using A Private Airport Transfer Service

Less Stress

Once you have booked your car, you can rest assured that there won’t be any cancellation. You will get a clean and sanitized car to ride in. It will reduce your travel anxiety too since you will get to ride contactless to your destination. Also, you won’t be late for your accommodation as there’s no need to wait for public transportation. The car will be waiting for you before you have even landed.

No Getting Lost

Airports are big, and navigating them is stressful. This stress is compounded in a pandemic situation where there’s a risk of getting infected with every step. The situation is made worse if you are new to the city. As a result, people tend to get lost. But, by hiring a professional car hire company, you can rest assured that you won’t get lost in a new place. The professional driver will easily navigate the area and drop you at your location.


Any corporate car rental company ensures the safety of its passengers by providing background checked and reliable chauffeurs. They will maintain the mandatory social distancing rule and be masked. There will be no contact, and once you get in the car, the driver will drive you to your destination without delay. Most such cars are GPS tracked to ensure additional safety and reliability.

Safe Luggage

The stress of travel in this pandemic will make anyone nervous about the safety of their luggage. But a car service facility from the airport will ensure that all of your luggage will be kept safe. Such safety can’t be guaranteed in a public transport facility. There you will be surrounded by people who are all unknown and within contact distance. All this will increase your stress levels. However, within a private car, you will be able to relax.


After a long day of travel, you will be tired. Naturally, you will want to relax and calm down. In a private car, you won’t have to worry about contracting covid so you can make use of the charging and wifi facilities to browse the internet or listen to music. It will give you the chance to unwind in peace. Want to wipe your hands after a long flight but don’t have a sanitizer? Don’t worry; the cars come equipped with uncontaminated dry and wet wipes for your use.

No Hidden Prices

Private car rental companies want to ensure repeat bookings. So there won’t be any hidden prices or cost that will be added to your bill after you reach your destination. You will get a price given to you, and that’s all you will have to pay. All this results in greater transparency and peace of mind.

Using private rental cars for airport transportation during this pandemic is the only certain way to remain safe from the clutches of the virus. You will enjoy greater security and facilities too. At International Travel House Limited, we understand your concerns during these trying times. So we offer the highest standards possible in terms of service and safety. With us, you will be able to enjoy contactless travel, and our trained chauffeurs will maintain the social distancing rule. So you will be able to travel without stress and with peace of mind.


ITH provides global travel solutions for business travel and lesiure. It has offices in several cities of India and is the Indian partner to Global Star. It believes in providing quality customer services for a seamless experience.

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