A Compact Guide to Buying the Best Commercial Refrigeration Unit

There is no denying the fact that one of the most appliances of today’s time is the refrigerator. Over the years, refrigerators have evolved and have already started coming in different styles, sizes, and types.

A commercial refrigerator is one of the types of the refrigerator which is slightly different from the residential ones. The name of the unit suggests that it is used in the commercial places like the hotels, restaurants, and other stores where there is a requirement of larger storage space.

Commercial Refrigerator

There are so many refrigerators in the market that there are 100% chances of not buying the right one for your business. If there are good products in the market then there is no paucity of the bad ones also. So, while making a decision one needs to be very sure in terms of the quality, storage space, features, and of course the price.

Since commercial refrigerators are amongst the most expensive equipment in the market hence you cannot judge the appliance by its price. It may seem quite heavy on your pocket but the durability of the refrigerator will let you forget the crunch.

The most common types of commercial refrigerators include the following-

  • Under-counter
  • Saladettes and prep counters
  • Blast freezers
  • Reach-ins

It is known that reach-in refrigerators are amongst the most common refrigerators available in today’s time. These refrigerators are used to keep the items cool and at the same time, the items in the refrigerator are accessible by the user when standing. These refrigerators ensure better energy efficiency and are equipped with self-closing doors. It is one of those units which are suitable for 2X GN 1/1 sizes and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the kitchen professionals.

The under-counters are similar in operation as the reach-in refrigerators but the purpose is to do the same in the smaller space as well as providing a smaller storage space. These are perfect for smaller areas as they provide quick access to the products stored.

Prep counters are the units which are specially designed for your convenience. They come with freely adjustable plastic shelves and also come with night covers so as to ensure food safety. CFC free refrigerant and foaming agent are used in these units and are bottomed with round edges for convenient cleaning.

Blast freezers are the units which are most powerful ones in reducing the temperature of the cooked food from 90 degree Celsius to 3 degree Celsius. These units are also amazing in rendering the growth of bacteria for a proper storage.

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